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  1. danotto

    locking wheel nut socket

    Hi guys ive just sold my audi a4 2.0tdi s line, but the bloke wants the locking wheel nut socket, which i thought was in there, any way ive promised to get him one any ideas other than from audi where i can pick one up cheap,cheers
  2. danotto

    Selling my audi a4 :(

    Having owned my 55 plate Audi a4 2.0 tdi s line, for nearly two years i'm reluctantly selling it, to try and save for the dreaded mortgage deposit, Its 2005 december registered, s line 2.0 tdi s line, 86k on the clock, full black and grey leather , dual climate control cruise control, lumber...
  3. danotto

    Repadding s line seats?

    My 55 reg audi a4 s line drivers seat has really worn on the left hand side where my ribs are a metal bar digs into them, lol Any ideas on how much id be looking to get the seat repadded. Oh yeah its leather as well if that helps. Cheers dan
  4. danotto

    A4 b7 s line or s4 front bumper wanted

    Unfortuantely ive ripped my front bumper clean off of the seams on my a4 on a kerb, i know stupid thing to do, but does anyone have one for sale preferably s line in grey but ive been told the s4 will fit also but not rs4, it has to have head light washer holes and. cheers guys any help would be...
  5. danotto

    Pics of my car

    Just thought id add a few pics of my beloved s line
  6. danotto


    Hi guys ive owned my a4 2.0 tdi s line for 7months now and i think its time to add a few little mods,so if anyone has any of these items for sale let me know cheers Rs4 Grill Cupra R front splitter RS4 pedal rubbers R8 filler cap other bits im after a boot liner driver side air con...
  7. danotto

    climate control playing up

    My dual climate control isnt working properly no matter what temp i set it at the drivers side only blows cold air but the passenger side is fine anyone else had this problem,cheers dan
  8. danotto

    Climate control playing up

    Right my 55reg 2.0tdi a4 is playing up,until today the dual climate control was working fine,but now the drivers side is only blowing cold air,no matter what temp i set the temp to.But the passenger side is fine,could this be a fault with one of the electric thermostat valves(if they have them...
  9. danotto

    A4 s line problems

    My 55 reg a4 has a warning on the dash saying drivers side headlight, but the headlight is working fine,is there an easy way to fix this or am i being stupid i can get my head around it. also my clutch pedal feels slightly gritty as if the clutch release bearing is not sliding freely...
  10. danotto

    Buying 55reg 2.0tdi s line

    Hi im probably going to buy a 55 reg 2.0tdi s line on sunday is there any major faults i should look for, also he says his glove box is faulty saying the hinges have snapped is this a common fault and easy to fix cheers in advance dan
  11. danotto

    Pics of my treg

    Some of you wanted to see pics of my touareg so heres a few, still need to do a few little mods like new wheels ive now fitted a new exhaust sytem and i need to tint the windows,
  12. danotto

    How is everyone ?

    Hi people i havent been on here for a while since selling my beloved s3 for my vw touareg which im still in love with. Just wondering how everyone is doing and if anything interesting has been done lately,hope everyone is all well and good. Dan
  13. danotto

    Problem with my old s3

    As alot of you know i sold my s3 to a mate to buy my touareg,well we tonight was driving along as about 40mph and the engine lost power an d started stuttering,i put my vagcom on it and it came up with p0301 misfire on cylinder one,has anyone had this problem before if so what was it,ph and ive...
  14. danotto

    The s3 has gone

    Well ive owned her for about 18months and have loved every moment of it,but i thought its time to move on so ive bought myself a 2.5tdi vw touareg in grey 55k full spec for 11k from VW Reading it was advertised for 14k but as i have friends in the know we struck a deal. i sold my s3 to my...
  15. danotto

    Time to sell the s3

    Right ive owned my 2001 facelift s3 for around 18months now and have loved it,but do to the mileage i do im getting a diesel,so the s3's gotta go. 2001 Xreg facelift 82K silver,w white and black alacantra interior very well looked after. Bose sound system Cam belt and water pump changed about...
  16. danotto

    Call of duty world at war

    I bought this game this morning i think its just as good at cod 4 on single player mode if not better, But still cant get a grasp online dont get me wrong it is really good online but im still in favour of cod4 online,maybe time will change my mind, Whats your thoughts ?
  17. danotto

    Call of duty 4 bash

    Like bens idea for gta4, who has call of duty 4 and who would like to play online in a big deathmatch, i know this has been covered before but i think it needs another go. How does next tusday sound 8pm. let me know
  18. danotto

    star wars gangsta rap hilarous(contains swearing)
  19. danotto

    if you love arnie's sayings watch/listen

    jerky boys arnild schwarzenegger prank call to domino's CONTAINS SWEARING
  20. danotto


    Right i have recently bought a new macbook 2.4ghz 160gb 13.3in screen blah blah,dunno why i bought one i think i just wanted a change from a pc,didnt realise how expensive macbooks are though,gulp.but basically ive never used a mac before and am a bit lost in using it,any tips for using one or...