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  1. dan1973

    Need to share my excitement

    I have just inherited some money and I've decided to treat my self to a new car. After a lot of thought I've decided to go for a 2.0t sline. Any advice on buying would be great. I have a budget of 7k. Thanks guys :)
  2. dan1973

    Radiator bleeding.

    Right I drained the coolant via the drain off on the bottom of the rad last night, tonight I intend to fill it back up using g13. The question is will I need to blead the system and if so how is the best way too do it? Car is question a3 1.8t 2001 thanks again guys.
  3. dan1973

    Help again please

    How do you remove the ****** clips form the fuel filter. Car is 1.8 turbo sport on a 51 plate.
  4. dan1973

    Advice please

    Hi guys this morning I've removed the sump on my 20v prior to an oil change too clean the sump out and oil pick up pipe. Upon removal of the sump I was greeted with a plastic cover/guard covering the conrods. I don't remember my LCr having one of these I no it is an earlier engine on the Audi...
  5. dan1973

    Oil recommendation

    Ok guys I am going to take a trip too Tps on Monday, what oil would you recommend for the following vehicle? audi a3 1.8 turbo with 120000 miles standard form. Thankyou.
  6. dan1973

    N249 question

    Ok tonight have had my car read with vag com as I've got a boost issue. It is coming up with n249 fault is this the same as the n75 or a different unit? Car in question is an a3 1.8 turbo on a 2001
  7. dan1973

    Back again

    Been away for a while as I've had some serious health problems but luckily I've managed to overcome them. Fingers crossed they stay away now. Anyway I've bought my self a cheap Audi a3 sport 1.8t which I intend to try and bring back too it's former glory. I will start a build thread in the next...
  8. dan1973

    Can anybody shed any light on this

    The car Audi a3 2.0tdi 170 2007 dsg. 74000 with full audi service history Ive had the car just shy of 2 weeks. Since owning the car ive had an oil service (longlife), cambelt/waterpump and dsg oil change. Now when cold it wont start on first crank only on 2nd attempt. Its fine when its warm...
  9. dan1973

    Finnaly found one

    As a few will no ive been on the hunt for an a3 tdi 170 sline for a few months now. Yesterday i finally found one. It's a 170 dsg with flappy paddle with one owner full history at audi It has the following Bose stereo Center arm rest automatic lights half leather cruise multi function...
  10. dan1973

    Some help and advice pls

    Ok here goes, basicly ive inherited some money which i am going to purchase an a3 tdi with. It's my been my dream car for a while now so as i am now in the position to buy i am going to go for it. I am going to go for an s-line around a 56/57 plate. BUT i cant decide weather to go for a 140 or...
  11. dan1973

    Advise pls before i buy

    Ok guy's for a while ive been looking for an a3 tdi s-line 170. My friend who is in the trade has called me today saying he has found one for me. Its the spec i was after with low miles and full service history. Only thing is it's a quattro. Are there any known issues with the 4wd system? Thanks
  12. dan1973


    Hi guy's, been a while since ive been online as ive been away from the car scene for a while. But i am back. I am going to be buying an 8p a3 s-line within the next few weeks
  13. dan1973

    5x 112stud diameter

    Is that my stud diameter guy's???
  14. dan1973

    A question ???

    My friend has some lowering springs on his 99 1.6 a3 will they fit my tdi the same year??? Thanks guy's
  15. dan1973

    H&R Springs

    Best place to buy the above -35mm for an a3 tdi 99 model
  16. dan1973

    Help pls???

    I want to upgrade to some hid's which bulb does mine have guy's. Mine is a 99 m odel
  17. dan1973

    I am looking for....

    A bra for the bonnet of my a3. Does anybody else use one? Any problem's or advice where to buy one? Ive found one brand new for £65.:sm4:
  18. dan1973

    Comments pls

    Well ive bit the bullet and put a few pic's up of my pride and joy. It is not a patch on 90% of the cars on here but hey here it is. I am running on a very tight budget at the mo. Ive had the car 2 months and already ive resprayed the bonnet, front bumper and refurbed the wheels. All new...
  19. dan1973

    Interior light

    Ok any idea's as to why my interior light is not working when i open the door??? The switch is in the correct place and it works on the switch just no on door mode.
  20. dan1973

    Condesation on window's

    A little head's up guy's. If you have the above problem try using 'Astonish glass cleaner anti-fog'. Its great stuff and at only 99p it a bargain. Can be picked up from wilkinsons. :)