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    Audi A6 Bitdi rear diffuser colour change?

    Daytona Grey btw. Struggling to decide on how to get my rear diffuser finished. Can't decide between matt, gloss or satin black. After speaking to my body work guy who normally has a good eye he suggested doing it Daytona Grey ‍♂️ Anybody tried any of these or have opinions on what looks best?
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    RS6-C Ronal alloys, second hand price guide please?

    How much would you expect to pay for a second hand set of genuine 20" RS6-C Ronal alloys? (In good condition) Thanks Nick.
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    A7 wheels on A6

    Hi I'm new here so apologise if this question has been asked before. I've recently purchased a 2014 A6 bitdi and was wondering if somebody could tell me if this wheel/tyre combo would be compatible? The seller mentiined they're off an A7 originally so I was unsure of how they would differ? Any...