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  1. DommyR

    Rubber seals treatment

    Autofinesse dressle
  2. DommyR

    First timer with clay bar

    I clayed my S3 a week after i got it and could not believe how much grime it took off. The paint on the 1st quarter of the car was rough like sandpaper, now its as smooth as anything. I also thought my paint had a few imperfection (looked like air bubbles in the clear coat), a couple of passes...
  3. DommyR

    Wheel sealant - worth it ???

    Yeah I use Collinite 845 on mine, easy to use and lasts a good few months. Might try some of that FK1000P soon though.
  4. DommyR

    Paint correction in norfolk

    This guy is based in kings lynn, been chatting to him on facebook about protecting my s3 when it arrives and he's a nice and knowledgeable bloke.
  5. DommyR

    How to protect the paint of a brand new car? (S3)

    Ahhhhhhh.... Thanks seems its a pretty resounding no then lol. Does the lifeshine (apparently) just do the same job as a if the car is waxed?
  6. DommyR

    How to protect the paint of a brand new car? (S3)

    Hi All. Posted a couple of times in the last couple of days that I'm pretty damn decided that I'm going to order an S3. (sepang blue). The dealer has offered (£400) the autoglym lifeshine which Im a bit dubious about as I heard some stories about how its applied and that it doesn't last as...