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    Noisy Boot

    Hi. My A2 (2003) 1.6 FSI has developed a constant noisy boot!! It's not the seats as I've had rear passengers in the car, so the seats are firm. Its not the retractable shelf as I've taken that out. It's not the tool compartment under the boot floor. So I don't know what it is, but its driving...
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    Bluetooth problems

    Hi Craig. I have just got back from another failed attempt by an auto electrician. Again he informed me that as soon as the unit received power, it would turn itself off again. I gave him instructions I had back from Parrot themselves, yet still the same issue. So if I try what you have said...
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    Bluetooth problems

    HI. I have an A2, '03 plate with the Chorus stereo unit with "half Bose" amplifier (apparently) and am trying to fit a Parrot CK3200+ Bluetooth unit into the car (this is bluetooth unit with the "large" LCD screen). I have been told by various Auto Electricians it cannot be done because of...