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  1. A3-Lee

    Sold Genuine Unlimited Vins Ross Tech VCDS Brand New

    As per title I have a genuine Ross-Tech VCDS® with HEX-V2® interface. Professional version with Unlimited VINs brand new and unregistered so can be registered to new owner £300 in Birmingham. Open to sensible offers
  2. A3-Lee

    What have you done today?

    S3 mate
  3. A3-Lee

    What have you done today?

    Lies lol undo the 3 turbo to mani bolts then undo mani to head bolts remove mani undo everything else remove turbo from top why people remove the head is beyond me .... Should be fitted up soon mate just finding time
  4. A3-Lee

    Avant Rear suspension

    I'm only asking before I committe to buy your springs mate .... So fitment would be the same
  5. A3-Lee

    Painting parking sensors?

    As a rule one coat of primer 2 paint and 2 laquer I've painted a few at work and my own one on the a4 mate
  6. A3-Lee

    Painting parking sensors?

    Yes primer paint and lacquer is fine on these mate they are painted from factory
  7. A3-Lee

    Avant Rear suspension

    Spring rate is no issue as I have LPG tank in the wheel well I mean physically fit mate
  8. A3-Lee

    Avant Rear suspension

    Hi All Can anyone 110% confirm whether a4 b7 avant s line rear springs are the same or different between Quattro and fwd models ..... For example would Quattro rear springs fit a fwd Thanks in advance Lee
  9. A3-Lee


    Sprint blue DTM on Stoke road Milton Keynes today
  10. A3-Lee

    Heating system problem

    I took my heater matrix hoses filled the matrix with oven pride left for a hour then blasted out with the hose worked a treat
  11. A3-Lee

    Picture request 30mm lowered avant

    As the title says I'm after pictures of a b7 s line avant lowered around 30-35mm on 18s and info on what springs they are. Thanks in advance Lee
  12. A3-Lee

    Error in tapatalk! Help!! :(

    Just had this again .... Not as bad as it was but still there
  13. A3-Lee

    Snub mount for a4!!!

    Lemforder from euro car parts I've just ordered
  14. A3-Lee

    mechanic needed

    Pm me I'm in Birmingham
  15. A3-Lee

    New lights.

    Looks much better
  16. A3-Lee

    A3 bootlid wiring

    What colour?
  17. A3-Lee

    Creamy oil cap?!

    1.6 oil caps quite often look like that I wouldn't be worried
  18. A3-Lee

    What have you done today?