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    Big brakes

    Hi people, long time and all that. I was wondering if any of you lot are selling some form of big brakes to fit my bora. (same hubs as the s3s) Please do not post prices etc on here as mods will lock this thread. Please could you PM me. Many thanks.. G

    Forum Thieves scouting...SERIOUS WARNING

    Long time ASN... just to let you know as you are after all car enthusiasts. there has been alot of wheels / cars / general robbings of out cars. They are scouting the forums looking at build threads etc. There has been a good 4 5 in east london off of 1 forum in a week!! Those members of...

    Mordaunt short aviano 2`s

    just upgraded from the 902is and what a fking difference. the top end is very close to my Kef q5`s and there twice as expensive.mids are very wide and warm, can feel vocals being pushed into your ears, bottom end is very responsive also, tho im not pushing them atm as there in the running in...

    Dj tiesto & Pendulem Live in london!!

    Next friday at victoria park, is anyone else going? i cant wait Tiesto is a fecking God!

    Borat..with pics

    now im not banned thought id show off me car i picked up yesterday. Been busy today. Not expecting any interest but i just wanna show off my new toy. thread copies from another forum as im lazy. As a few of you will know i took delivery of my new car yesterday After a 4:30 hour...

    watch theres 2.. ghost rider vs beema z3m fun times

    want opinions... good or bad. NO KICKING OFF THO or it will be locked as usual

    what is everyones feelings on this quote. QUOTE: Take your hats off to all the other people that have died doing there jobs, the delivery men on £5.75ph rushing around bringing your new ipod that crashed his van, the supermarket workers that fell down those concrete steps carrying those over...

    OMG DID THAT JUST REALLY HAPPEN!! fat people are tooo funny!

    ok most will prob not even comment as its one of those "you gotta be there" moments, but ill explain best i can... as follows... Walking to shop and hear squeeking. i turn round to see a push bike comming towards me. could not help but notice the fat bird on its struggling up the maybe 2%...

    New series of TopGear tomorrow

    dont forget to store it in ya planner !! bb2 8 o clock not in HD tho booo :( EDIT: hahahaha @ the mod changing my title from gear knob to Top gear!! :busted_cop:
  10. ALPINE

    millers additive. yes or no?

    Anyone have any experience with it? Have read loads of good stuff about it. Discuss..
  11. ALPINE

    any 1 here suffer from RLS?

    if you have it you know what it is and how ****** annoying it is. how do you get round it?
  12. ALPINE

    Xbox 360 slim...

    anyone heard of this? the missis was reading one of her money saving expert forums last night and someone mentioned a 360 slim. i have googled but no solid proof its gonna happen. What iss?
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    wooop woop.. Its gone!

    Got £1800 for it in the end! not bad considdering the paint was ******! just turned up on me door with a wad of cash! Sad but happy.... weird!
  14. ALPINE

    any 1 used this lot?
  15. ALPINE

    anyone used or got one of these?

    thinking of getting one for my new car. spec reads well but i have only ever delt with Alpine any good? thanks
  16. ALPINE

    My new car...

    So i been and checked this out tonight, FSH all the other good bits, Mint Bora.... I pick it up on the 9th of July.. Cant wait. what ya think?
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    The first man married a woman from Cyprus He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away. The second man married a woman from Italy. He gave his wife orders...
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    Mmmmm. :)
  19. ALPINE

    a pug that would mince your RS4!!! hahah love it! :sign_omg:
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    FAO mike plymouth

    geeza... if you still after my centre caps ill swap the over with the blank ones i sold you with my old alloys. in a couple weeks if ya like. Audi wheels caps on a VW will just look wrong. Win Win no?? let me know fella