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  1. Andreashadji

    Irritating squicking brake noise

    Ok so about a month ago changed front disks and pads.went from 345 Zimmerman drilled disks to brembo drilled and from brembo pads to ferodo. Problem is that after a few km there is a squicking noise coming from the front wheels which stops if I press the brake pedal even slightly. Changed ferodo...
  2. Andreashadji

    Electric seats wiring help

    Ok so got myself a pair of heated and electric seats. My 2012 A3 already has heated seats so no problems there. For the electric regulation part I got the Kufatec cable and I need a little clarification from someone who knows or did the same thing. I need to connect one end to the fuse box and...
  3. Andreashadji

    Recaro front seats

    Hey guys, Looking to upgrade my 2012 sport back A3 8P with some recaro or maybe S3 seats. My question is,will any other model fit?from A4 ,5 etc? I already have heated front so I would like at least that. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Andreashadji

    Injector values

    So does that look ok? From a 2.0 TDI ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Andreashadji

    Indicator light bulb

    Does any one know if these come of the black base somehow, or do I need new which include the base? Trying to put some led instead.if anyone has used any good led ,info would be appreciated! On a 2012 A3 Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Andreashadji

    Help needed with seat retrofit

    Ok so I need some forum wisdom guys. Just bought a set of recaro heated and electrical adjusted leather seats from an s3 to fit my A3. I already have heated seats from factory on mine. Will the electric adjustment thing work or do I need some sort of extra wiring?? Thanks in advance for...
  7. Andreashadji

    Wanted A3 bucket fronts

    On the lookout for a pair of bucket seats to fit on my A3 8Pa, 2012 sportback facelift. Current seats are heated if it matters. Only looking for the fronts or even just the drivers(LHD) I am located in Greece so seller should be able to ship. Long shot but you never know! Cheers! Sent from my...
  8. Andreashadji

    Part information

    Does any one know the part number of this??? It’s screwed on the drivers side control arm and probably broke when arm was changed yesterday: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Andreashadji

    Anti theft module

    Does anyone know how I can retrofit this module to a 2012 8P facelift model? What kind of wiring and if anything else is needed? Thanks in advance guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Andreashadji

    Control arms

    So it’s about time to change both control arms in my 2012 sportback 2.0tdi Quattro CFBG engine. I was thinking about the lemforder Any thoughts on them?or maybe something else more upgraded over stock? Parts numbers will be most appreciated guys!! Thanks in advance for your input! Ps : Already...
  11. Andreashadji

    Wanted A3 8p brushed aluminum trims

    Looking for the door trims for sport back 2012 in brushed aluminum. Could also potentially exchange with my current ones which are the walnut wood style. Sensible prices pls and also shipping to Greece! Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Andreashadji

    Mag ride on A3 8p tdi Quattro 2012 sport back

    Currently on koni active shocks with eibach springs. Is mag ride possible on this model and is it worth it? Cost wise what am I looking at? Your input is welcome guys! Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Andreashadji

    A3 8p 2.0 Quattro retrofit-upgrades ideas

    Ok so my 2.0TDI SPORTBACK Quattro came from factory with front and back parking sensors,RNS-E,hill assist,TPMS through ABS,warning lights on all doors. I ve already retrofitted: US Center console,flat bottom mfsw,a2 aluminum gear knob,Q3 A/C control unit,led lamps for inside-license...
  14. Andreashadji

    A3 2012 sportback 2.0 TDI,CFBG 170ps clutch replacement

    Hey guys, Got the above A3 and I m trying to gather some info about clutch replacement. First of,what kind it has on at the moment,it’s stock,and what would be a good replacement/upgrade part? Part numbers will be appreciated! Thanks in advance for all the replies! Sent from my iPhone using...
  15. Andreashadji

    Sold Alpine ilx 702D

    Up for grabs a double din alpine unit ilx-702D. With apple car play,usb,Bluetooth,hdmi,Dab radio and many more. Unit is used but in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally. Will add a connect2 harness for Audi A3 8p which could probably fit to other models too. More info and specs...
  16. Andreashadji

    Replacement fog light area

    I have the cover shown in the marked there anything honeycomb like to fit there?preferably without the fog lights but if not possible I would also consider adding fogs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Andreashadji

    Retrofit folding mirrors

    Hey guys I need your help for a retrofit. I have a 2012 8p sportback with electrical and defrosting mirrors. I would like the auto folding function too. Am I correct that I need a pair of motors plus a new switch on drivers door for that to work? If yes does any one know the part numbers and...
  18. Andreashadji

    Rear diffuser,valance

    Hey guys, Will this fit my 2012 facelift 8p A3 2.0 TDI Quattro? Is the fit without modifications if anyone has used one? Further options will be appreciated!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Andreashadji

    automatic window closing in rain

    hey guys,trying to setup the auto window closing in case of rain. vehicle is an a3 8p sportback 2012. coding on the light sensor submodule in 09 central electronics was 024C2D which i changed to 064C2D(plus 4 in the 02 segment according to ross tech wiki is for rain closing). all the relevant...
  20. Andreashadji

    Bi xenon calibration

    Ok so I ve changed stock springs to 30mm lowering eibach’s. I have the feeling that the headlights are aiming higher so to say.i know they auto regulate but is there something I should do through VCDS given the lowering of the car? Car is a 2012 sportback 2.0tdi with bi-xenons. Thanks in advance...