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    Facelift Anybody regret modifying their car in any way?

    When you say “regret” i supppse it depends on your context? TBH, I modded every car I have owned in some way.......from XR2 to RS Turbo’s in the 90s to Type R’s and S3’s in the noughts and since 2012 I’ve modded all 4 of my RS’s including my present ‘67 plate Saloon and to date I have never...
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    Google maps issues?

    Was still offf this morning for me
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    Main Dealer Servicing or Not?

    Specialist wins it for me every time from the last 8 years of RS cars. They are cheaper and use same or better parts, oil, etc. Depending on their reputation they rely more somin my opinion on repeat business and do GAF. I use Audi Technic in Glasgow and their service is second to none and...
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    Checked my launch control counter..... OH DEAR!

    8P, 8V PFL or 8V FL - no matter....without doubt the best part about launch control is the sheer excitement....and if you are cruel enough, that childish grin when you first take a client out and he asks “is this a sporty A3” and you modestly reply, yeah I think so - then the passenger assumes...
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    Facelift HELP HELP NEW EU GAS NORM - Huge Dilemma

    Does the Audi aftermarket straight through downpipes for the 8V PFL not fit the FL?
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Given recent opinions on colours - I’m not so sure I’m a fan of this two-tone look...more suited to A1’s I think Having said that I’ve never owned a Daytona but as long as it’s got an TS badge it wouldn’t bother me for a second - all subjective - so let’s stop being objective and applaud our...
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    Facelift Miltek Exhaust RS3

    He he thanks - now edited - having said that there is a certain amount of irony in either context
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    Oil level warning

    I used to check mine weekly but since I found the virtual dipstick it’s a daily task for ‘KIT’
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    Facelift Miltek Exhaust RS3

    Each to their own and I would never expect those in one camp to support the other - unbiased and unconscious bias kick in - we are only human after all, but let me add my 2 cents I’ve had a few RS3’s - two 8P’s and they were awesome all round and still are. My PFL has sports exhaust and was...
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    New FL saloon and few bits up for sale.

    Recently picked up my new FL saloon and doing a few mods along the lines of badging and power and once the snow clears I will post up some pics. Also when trading my beloved FPL SB the dealer returned to stock so I have a few bits just posted in the classifieds if anyone is interested? Cheers
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    RS3 brake problem , please help !!

    Mines has got to 994 miles and has started to show signs of squeal with a squeak squeak here and there across the last few hundred miles and I would say getting slightly more frequent in the last 50! Discs haven’t been power washed in the last week?!?!
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    Facelift Audi Badge and RS3 Badge Sizing - Gloss Black Badges

    Yeah after reading this post I contacted this chap through Insta and got same badges for my FL saloon. Picked car up Friday and this was my first mods before the weekend was over. Will post up pics and spec soon.
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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    I hear what you are saying but my 65 plate was trading at £31.3k px and I got more like £35k and whichever was you look at it I was also led to believe they knocked a few k off the £56k list - but as we all know it comes down to price to change. Dealers are dealers but I have to say the sales...
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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    This is exactly what I have done - just accepted as 67 plate from £56k car and my 65 plate trade-in just increased by £3.5k.
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    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    Got this mod fitted yesterday to my PFL 8V. Thanks Aoon for the personal delivery - your “partially turned back to stock” baby sounded amazing and seeing things like your steering wheel in the flesh...well they just defy the laws of what can be achieved Can’t believe I left it so long to do...
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    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    Hi All, Just so I get this right can someone kindly confirm - the above parts can be ordered from Stealers for PFL? How much do they come in at and how long to wait on delivery? Upgrading my rear discs now so might as well do this mod too Thanks
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    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    Returned to stock - surely not Aoon - that is like Jesus turning back into Joseph and reverses reality Is this not a car worthy of ‘museum-ship’ in its world record and modded state for a multitude of reasons? ....and I don’t mean because Aoon founded the solution to our ‘brake squeal’ that...
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    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    Had the pleasure of hearing this truely exceptional example of Aoon's this evening at the crookston road/Barrhead road junction - I was just heading back to mine parked up. You stopped at lights and she sounded amazing and I'm guessing you spotted a fellow owner and decided to let me see and...
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    8V RS3 367PS Tuning from DTUK and DTE

    These cars are seriously quick as standard - I mean anything circa 4s was a super car 10-15 years ago! My mk1 RS3 had MTM stage 1 and even although the mk2 on paper was quicker, after 1k mikes I needed to try the DTUK box. 11k miles on, I'm glad I did and have never looked back - 3rd gear...
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    8V RS3 367PS Tuning from DTUK and DTE

    All opinions of course, but I have been using the DTUK box now for over a year and no probs. I've had to remove a few times when putting her into stealers and without box on the car felt slower across all gears. When I put back on I would say the mid range uptake is where I notice the most -...