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    MPG Remap Figures

    Hi All, can anyone recommend a remap for my 2008 A6 Avant. It's a 2.0TDI and drinking diesel like a pimp would champagne.... i currently use use a tank a week at £90 and get roughly 480 miles from the pig. Not fussed about BHP increases - more a significant MPG increase from my average...
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    Best MPG Map

    Hi All, been a while.... Could anyone help with solid advice for the best MPG chip/map for a 2008 A6 Avant please. previous job had a fuel card, but now having to claim back via expenses - I'm currently doing a tank at £90 a week in fuel! Shocking MPG average of 38MPG from a auto 2.0 TDI due...
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    Best Parking Sensors To Retro-Fit

    Hi All, Long time no activity! New car - new problems... Anyone recommend the best parking sensors please? I need the fitted also. Much love.
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    Student Protests

    Anyone getting sick of these unwashed, long dirty haired tramps causing massive damage to our capital - for what...?! Because they have to pay for their own further education! At a time when my job and many others linked into public spending is in jeopardy, these tramps want me to pay for...
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    Anyone able to recommend free software for ripping DVD to iPad

    Help please techy guys! :sly:
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    iTunes help

    :banghead: can anyone recommend some software - free... - to restore my iTunes music from my iPhone back onto my laptop. All my apps etc are back, but I can't transfer my music back or add it to my iPad! Tis doing my sweed in... :wacko:
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    The Ashes

    Just about to down a few ice cold beers whilst watching the first session - come on England :yum: Can we do it?
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    Premier League Dream Team ASN

    The leagues starting to shape up now, jojo's falling faster than a stone... One man on top that's running away with it :tocktock:
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    Tinie Tempah

    Downloaded Tinie Tempah's album last week - top class - this boy has moved things on!:whistle2:
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    Wayne Rooney

    So Rooney wants out eh! Back to the mid-table days of the 70's and 80's for manyoo... Where's he going to end up though? My money would be on Citeh. :think:
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    Whilst out 'n about today with the family I saw my first RS5... OMFG - my chin hit the floor! Wow... Shame it was another grey Norman driving a fast Audi! I need one -NOW...
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    S4 Figures - Help!

    Any B7 S4 owners out there... Can you let me know what sort of figures i can get; MPG! I've looked at a few on Autotrader and am thinking of one for a year or so, just wonder about the petrol though! Also are they expensive to keep on the road I.E. Servicing etc. Cheers :eyebrows:
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    A Great Day Out!

    Just thought i'd share with yo'all my weekends pictures... We went to the Bromley Classic Car Show - Our friends took their Aston Martin DB6 :drool: Did anyone in Sarf London go also? We had a great time posing in the Car... Now i need to find the money to get my own AM!
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    woooohoooo... it's so close i may pee my pants! I've taken the first week off work to watch each and every game :rockwoot: So, who's going to win it; and why? My money's on Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and... Not Engeeeeeerland! No Barry - No hope! How is Huddlestone in the 30...
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    Car Websites

    I'm selling my B7 in a few weeks - I've been looking on Autotrader and eBay for another B7 or S Line A6 (though they're £££'s!), any other sites i should check out? I've looked at Pistonheads but hate the way you can't search via, S Line etc! Forget the stealers as i'm not looking to pay £2k...
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    For those who've not LOST.... interest - It's back on tonight, anyone got any ideas how it's going to end?
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    Hmmmm Might Get Another A3 Turbo Again...

    Just had my A4 fixed and it's now all sweet again - Nice and smooth! Being in the dealers got me thinking; Might get an A3 Sportback 2.0T - They seem as big as in the back as my A4? What do you guys think - I miss that whistle....
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    Copying From iTunes To PS3 - Help..!

    Anyone know why when i copy from my iTunes, to my PS3, the albums show up as "unkown" and not as the album names?
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    Cancel That Bugatti Order (New Aston Martin One 77 Pics)

    Oh please let my Wife win the Lotto on Saturday...
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    St Totterigham's Day 2010

    Are we all ready for tomorrow... :yahoo: