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  1. snowfree52

    Towbar for RS6 C7

    Hi all, just bought an RS6 C7.5 but it doesn't have a towbar. After a lot of research I found out I can't mount the original electric towbar because my car has DRC and the bottles are in the rear bumper, but I found some old threads on the internet with people saying they still fitted a towbar...
  2. snowfree52

    hybrid turbo upgrade with TTE710

    Hi all, my car is brand new, I have a JB4 and since reading a bit about it on the internet, I was thinking about upgrading the original turbo with a hybrid turbo. I don't wan't to change anything other than the turbo because I want to be able to bring the car to the dealer for warranty work if...
  3. snowfree52

    Htc one and tech pack : messages ?

    Hi Does someone has the new HTC one m8? Are you able to read and send messages through the Mmi? Same question with the m7 Thanks
  4. snowfree52

    where is the boost sensor on a D3 3.0L TDI ?

    Hello, Anyone knows ? thanks !
  5. snowfree52

    changing brake fluid, using expired fluid ?

    Hi, I'm going to change my brakes by a Porsche BBK. I have at home some Motul RBF600, but it's around 4 years old. I never opened the bottles, they are brand new. I think it says "best before 2011" on it. Do you guys think I can use it ? Regards
  6. snowfree52

    Will a brake line from VW golf MK5 fit the A3 8V ?

    I am looking for braided hoses for my Porsche calipers and it seems all I can find is for Golf MK5, would they fit ? like those : VAG - PORSCHE CALIPER Custom MK5 Brake Lines » CreationsMotorsport Thanks
  7. snowfree52

    big brake kit and ACC ?

    I am thinking about changing my brakes for bigger brakes, probably from the TTRS This week end I was thinking about the ACC, How do you think it would cope with that ? If it applies the same force on the brakes as before the upgrade, it may brake too hard ? I am about to buy the brakes but...
  8. snowfree52

    wear indicators on brake pads ?

    Do we have them ? ETKA says yes but I can't find them while looking at my brakes, even took some pics of behind the wheel
  9. snowfree52

    Brake upgrade ?

    Has anyone been looking or have informations about brake upgrades for the A3 8V ? What can we mount from other cars, any brake kit available ? Are brakes from Golf golf 5 R32, S3 8P etc possible to mount ?
  10. snowfree52

    performance of the A3 TDI 184 Quattro Stronic

    here are the runs I've done so far with lauch control : first one a bit downhill until 110 then a bit uphill, second was flat, last was a bit uphill. did someone try as well ?
  11. snowfree52

    how much torque can the 6speed S-tronic take ?

    Hi, will be looking for a remap soon and had a look at DTUK tuning box. They offer is around 230hp and 480nm can the stronic 6 take 480 nm ?
  12. snowfree52

    18" 10-spoke rims ? pictures ?

    Hello, My car is due mid october and I can't seem to find any picture of an A3 with the same rims as me (except the one from geneva auto show I believe) Does anyone have the same rims ? or pictures of them preferably on a red car but will take everything thanks