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  1. Rob2k68

    Automatic Transmission Fluid change ?

    Tried a search but couldn't find anything specific to the A/S3. Has anyone had this done ? Wondering what the recommended service interval is and what people have paid to have this done at either Audi or an independent ? I'm thinking it's not practical to do at home ? I've just been quoted £180...
  2. Rob2k68

    The Audi Difference....

    Well completely took me by surprise as usually it's brown letters or adverts for my local pizza delivery service but just got this through the post this morning. Seemingly £100 voucher of any Audi product or service valid until 31/03/17 could also be an accessory but this will come in very handy...
  3. Rob2k68

    Black Friday deals here :-

    Quick thread just to share any knock out car related must have deals. Demon Tweaks have some good offers on all week and Revo have a countdown running to Friday for what I reckon will be discounted hardware and software. Personally, any Milltek discounts will be good ;o)
  4. Rob2k68

    Help needed !! EPB - do I need a new calliper ?

    Having a nightmare - any way to fix this the piston no longer feels connected - I have VCDS or is it a new calliper job ?
  5. Rob2k68

    Facelift retrofits to pre-facelift

    This is not a facelift thread so please read on all pre facelift owners ....... Thought I'd start a thread after seeing some unexpected changes to the facelift (some of which I'd quite like on mine!) so the modsters amongst us can share ideas, technical info, costs, part numbers, how to's, etc...
  6. Rob2k68

    Noisy central locking ....

    Anyone else had this ? Noticed it a few times now when unlocking the car first thing in the morning but this video is taken using the global unlock button on the interior release. Seems only to be coming from the drivers door I've read posts on other Audis suggesting it's air operated and could...
  7. Rob2k68

    2018 400+bhp RS3 Saloon confirmed ?

    According to this arrives 2017 in America as a 2018 model year car - could arrive in rest of world sooner.
  8. Rob2k68

    Wing Arm or RS Rotors ?

    Ok with this future mod in mind next spring and whilst our cars are covered in grit and snow too in a lot of places help me decide the pros and cons for both these 19 inch wheel options - both almost the same price from Audi and sometimes come up on popular auction sites. This will also help to...
  9. Rob2k68

    Autosport International and the Performance Car Show - Jan 16 & 17 Exhibitor list :-!/loadSearch=114798_126 Anyone looking to go ?
  10. Rob2k68

    So what's on your cars Christmas list ?

    As per the thread title any car related pressies heading your way this Christmas ? Car mats, valeting products, tools or whatever ...... ? Missus keeps asking me what I would like so need some ideas otherwise it defaults to socks, pants and pyjamas lol !!
  11. Rob2k68

    More bad news for VW - Camshaft Recall

    Found this on the 8V S3 F/B owners group so can't claim to be the original source. Apologise for the poor quality but anyone else heard about this :-
  12. Rob2k68

    VAG TUNER EXPO 25/10/2015 As per the thread title anyone going to the VAG Tuner Expo Show this Sunday ? Click the above link for tickets - it's free !! Location is the Donington Exhibition Centre.
  13. Rob2k68

    Pitted A pillar trims - why and how ?

    Anyone else had this ? My car is 6 months old and I've never seen anything like this before - none of my army of cleaning products are able to shift it. To me it looks like hard water staining but I've never had a problem with similar trim pieces on any other car I've had. I use a branded...
  14. Rob2k68

    S3 Sportback, mag ride & Eibach Sportlines.

    Thought I'd create a thread as I've not managed to find much information on this combination and it may also serve as a useful comparison to mag ride and non mag ride clearances and ride height. Barring any disasters I'm having Eibach Sportlines fitted tomorrow morning so I'll update the thread...
  15. Rob2k68

    Missing Odo or am I going mad ?

    So I'm pretty sure that in the digital speedo display I could use the scroll wheel to display the Odo ?? At the top of the list was the date then it would scroll through trip 1 details, live mpg, trip 2 details and then at the bottom of the list would be the Odometer with the up arrow next to it...
  16. Rob2k68

    Anyone reading this on an iPhone ?

    So I've just discovered this by accident and thought I'd share - thought I was pretty tech savvy so this may be useful to others. If you're using an iPhone to view this forum and turn the phone to landscape orientation then you see all the posts and likes under the posters avatars and also the...
  17. Rob2k68

    Some new little bits for the interior .....

    Just picked these up yesterday. Small but perfectly formed ..... .....and fitted ..... Also replaced the switch blanking plate on the right with this .....
  18. Rob2k68

    3yr Service advice on 10,000 mile car

    Hello All, Bit of a funny one this but getting conflicting feedback from the dealers some saying don't do anything and others wanting to chuck everything at it. Basically I bought my car in early February with 7k miles on the clock with one previous lady owner. Its an '09 plate 1.8TFSI and...
  19. Rob2k68

    Dash Illumination - is there a problem ?

    Hello All, I wonder if you can help me make sense of this ???? Driving to work this morning my dash was illuminated including needles regardless of headlamp switch position. On most other occasions with the light switch off the dash lights are off, flicking DRL lights on illuminates the...