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    Location of key reciever needed

    Evening peoples I need to know where the above is located please, as the range of my keys seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Have changed the batteries a few times, and both keys are suffering. Many thanks
  2. J

    Remote Tailgate Avant Problem

    Hi peoples. Need some advice here re the above. Some helpful family ttwat (despite bieng warned several times) closed my tailgate manually instead of by the tailgate button. Now the gate will only open halfway. I need to know if there is an easy fix or if its knackered.Any replies welcomed...
  3. J

    ETKA 7.4???

    My 7.3 is now defunct.Anyone any idea where I can get 7.4 from...nowt on ebay which was my previous source!! Thanks
  4. J

    New Job CV

    Well, time for a new job.Having been retired from a 30 year career Id never needed to have one.Nightmare.Didnt have a clue.30 years ago all i needed to do was spell my name and bend over in front of the quack (!).Id researched on the net how to etc, and after a week of buggering about gave up.My...
  5. J

    Wheel alighnment specs for B8 A4 2.0TDI

    I need to know what the specs are front and rear camber, castor etc so I can tell which garage is taking the **** with my alignment before I take it to centre of gravity ltd and shell out.Many thanks
  6. J

    Suspension specialist needed

    Damn those ****** pot holes! hit one that hit both my front and rear nearside that threw the tracking out and and the steering wheel off a bit.Ive had it laser tracked and my front n/s camber is out of tolerable specs.Looks like ive bent something that isnt visible to the I need to...
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    Not Often I Like To See Bieber

    Except this time.Look at the girl on the far right. http://
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    ****ing ****ing Tosspot ****ing Road Repairs

    Never in 33 years of motoring have I ever had my car tarred and feathered but saturday was the day from hell.Drove along a recently resurfaced road near me that had ben resurfaced some 24-48 hours earlier.Now my car is a bit grubby what with the weather so sunday was the day to restore it to its...
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    Now Then, Now Then, Now Then

    Shame he isnt here to defend himself.Strange how all these allegations have just surfaced...must be compo around, and it stinks of max clifford!
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    Olympic end ceremony

    Well its started as the opening ceremony did.Shyte.Tuneless singer, chimps banging dustbin lids,and a dirge with everyone wrapped in newspaper.Just introduced prince harry as HENRY!!!!..Fu*&wits
  11. J

    Olympic Twatt Of The Games Award

    Goes to....That jobs worth cranker for refusing to let Usaine Bolt keep the baton after the relay event.
  12. J

    What Olympic Event Would You Remove?

    Ive really enjoyed the olympics bar the opening ceremony, but there are a couple of events I think shouldnt be included.Handball, Football and bmx.What do you think??
  13. J

    Telephone ringing volume

    Having searched through my manual both car and audio/phone Ill be buggered if I can find a way to mute the incoming phone ring.If ive got music on even moderately loud, when the phone rings the music mutes and i get deafened by the ring.Any ideas please?? thanks
  14. J

    BA Advert

    Put your postcode in and about 30 seconds in your street actually comes up to the commercial!
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    Olympic Gloom

    Judging by the ladies swimwear today it looks like there will be no Olympic PF medallists this time.Hopefully gymnastics hasnt been affected.Or the Ladies hurdles.
  16. J

    Extending drivers arm rest B8

    Right.Ive had enough now of this wretched elbow rest that should be an arm rest.I really need to extend the pull out rest so it becomes of use.Just my elbow rests on it and im ready to get the jigsaw out.Any one know of a way to extend it please? thanks
  17. J

    Fu*&ing Adverts

    There are three adverts on the telly that i fing hate. 1.Fu*&ing Galaxy with that pig ugly trollop (makes me wretch) 2.Fu*&ing Go Compare with that twat that gets bazookerd (if only) 3.Fu*&ing Lurpack with the ****ttiest 'song' ive ever heard and a fish that looks like its rotting. Imagine my...
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    Warranty On Warranty Work

    Is there such a thing....I mean if I have a faulty electric wing mirror fixed under the normal 3 year warranty, is the repair itself warranted?.My leccy mirror is starting to click when unfolding and was replaced two years ago, and was hoping to get it done for nowt!
  19. J

    Alternative to meguiers lambswool wash mitt

    Now ive always been happy with the above mitt, but the last two ive had have suffered from alopecia after three or four uses.They are not used on wheels and washed in non bio, never stored wet.Any alternatives please???
  20. J


    Done my chores for the day.Just filled the dishwasher up..... or 'made love' as she likes to call it