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  1. sduk

    Anyone mapped their 2.7 tdi A6?

    Having remapped my previous two cars (2.0 turbo Astra and 2.0 tdi A4) I have been tempted to map my A6. I have a 2010 A6 2.7 tdi V6 Le Mans edition. Multitronic I think. Just wanting to hear from anyone on here that has one of these cars and remapped it? Is it worth it? Sammy
  2. sduk

    Which spacers for my Le Mans A6 2.7tdi?

    Hi folks, been considering spacers on my Audi for a while but really am clueless about them. I have never put any on a car before. How do I confirm what fitment I need? What are the best ones to get? What size of spacer would I want? Anything else I need to consider? The audi is on the...
  3. sduk

    Windows tinted and a wee photoshoot!

    Well not much to update but in exchange for doing a car photoshoot for a lad, I had my windows tinted on the A6. Went for the same level tint as OEM audi tint and I'm really happy with it. We are over in NI just now so have spent the week cleaning the car and took some photos the other day :)...
  4. sduk

    Rear Lip Spoiler Fitted to my Le Mans A6.

    so after only taking 10 days to paint and deliver my spoiler from Taiwan I cleaned the car and fitted it :) For only £30 matched to my paint code and delivered around the world it is such a great mod! Here was the rear of the car before.... and with the new spoiler...
  5. sduk

    RS6 Splitter fitted to my Le Mans A6.

    So the RS6 splitter I had ordered came today and my friend and I set about fitting it tonight This was the front before... and here it is fitted... Really happy with it, subtle but OEM Very easy to fit and I love it! Part number is 4F0807110A 1RR...
  6. sduk

    Has anyone painted an A6 C6 engine cover?

    I am considering painting my engine cover on my A6 red... Has anyone else done this? Any pics? also considered doing it like this... Sammy
  7. sduk

    sduk's new Audi A6 2.7 V6 Le Mans Edition Photos

    Until 3 weeks ago I had a Audi A4 2.0 TDI SE.... I loved my A4 but longed for a better spec'd car. So I went to my local Audi dealer and traded it in for an A6 2.7 TDI V6, S-Line, Le Mans Edition. Here are some pics I took today... Future plans...
  8. sduk

    A6 C6 2010 front number plate holder price?

    Hello, I have a 2010 A6 (facelift) Le Mans and am after a replacement front number plate holder. I am not sure what the proper part name is but it is basically the black plastic numberplate holder that clips onto the front grill and holds the plate. hope that makes sense, thanks very much...
  9. sduk

    Some photos of my friend's S5!

    Last night I met up with a friend to take some shots of his lovely S5. Such an awesome car! Sammy
  10. sduk

    Ford Focus Photoshoot

    We are over in Northern Ireland just now and yesterday I met with James at the Belfast Docks to shoot his Focus. Was a great place to shoot cars, despite the mental weather! One minute sunshine the next torrential rain :) Here are the pics...
  11. sduk

    Hyundai Veloster Photoshoot!

    Today I met up with Gordon who had literally just bought this car, with only 17 miles on the clock it really was new! I had never seen one of these before and it was actually pretty decent, loaded with toys and those mental wonky doors. Here are the pics...
  12. sduk

    Impreza WRX Photoshoot

    Hi folks, another shoot to share with you all :) Today I met up with Stewart and shot his lovely Subaru Impreza WRX. He has just bought this car and wanted a shoot before he gets it back to its best and mods it slightly. Here are the pics...
  13. sduk

    Ford Focus RS Photoshoot

    Hi everyone :) Yesterday I was at my local racetrack - Knockhill - for a trackday. Met up with Keith and shot his lovely Focus RS. Here are the pics... Hope you like them, took over 600 pictures so away to edit the others :) Sammy
  14. sduk

    Honda S2000 Photoshoot

    Today I had the pleasure of shooting my Uncle in-law's Honda S2000.I snapped this a few years ago but always felt I could do better, so had another go today and here are the best pics...All my pics are on my - sduk photography - | Facebook if you want to see more :)Sammy
  15. sduk

    Photoshoot of my A4 B8 and my mods to date!

    Hi folks, hows things? Not posted pics of my Audi for a while so I thought I would do a quick shoot and show you all how it is getting on! So I have had it for about 1 1/2 years now (quite long for me lol) and it is a 2008 Audi A4 B8 2.0 TDI model. My mods to date are: - Windows tinted -...
  16. sduk

    Request for a few b8 s-line parts quotes.

    Hello :) I was wondering how much (and what the part numbers are) for the following: - A4 B8 s-line front fog surrounds also the insert in the middle of the front splitter on the s-line bumper? Thanks very much Sammy
  17. sduk

    Anyone fitted an s-line front bumper to a non-s-line A4 B8??

    Hi folks, I have a 2008 A4 B8 SE. I have already upgraded the rear bumper to the s-line version and am keen on doing the same to the front. Was just wondering a few things... - is it a straight swap? - can i use my original grill still? - are new fog surrounds the only thing i need to get...
  18. sduk

    sduk photography - Audi TT RS Photoshoot!

    Today I met up with Lewis and shot his amazing TT RS! Lovely car and I hope I did it justice! Probably the fastest car I have ever been in! Here are my pics... Hope you like looking at them. My shoots are free just now and if anyone else...
  19. sduk

    My Audi A4 with 19" ADT Boston alloys and RS4 Mirror Caps fitted!

    I am over in Northern Ireland just now - get married here on Saturday! Amy my wife to be surprised me with a set of genuine Audi S4 brushed silver wing mirror covers! So I fitted them and decided to pop over to see the lads at Alloy Wheels, Audi alloys, VW alloys, Seat and 4x4 Wheels and Tyre...
  20. sduk

    Is this bumper the same colour as my Audi? Quick answer needed.

    Hi folks, after a second opinion. Really keen on this s-line bumper for my audi, but the seller does not know the paint code or colour name. So hard to tell in the lighting of the pics being different. Here is my audi... and here is the bumper I want to buy... Mine is Quartz Grey...