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  1. tcardio

    Clear mounts MagSafe

    As many of you have switched to the newest iPhone with MagSafe, you have found that the old clear mount cannot be used for MagSafe. You ma be tempted to purchase a new mount. I just purchased the MagSafe replacement magnet for a tenner and then purchased a longer screw. I took off the base plate...
  2. tcardio

    Tow hook thread size

    been around the webs but can't find the answer. So far its US 5/8-11 and UK 18x2.5 and I assume left hand as well. I found these sizes listed for A4 and A6 but want to make sure. These bolts are not cheap
  3. tcardio

    Turn signal dynamic indicator
  4. tcardio

    Needle Sweep White DIS

    I am sure others have found this site but wondering if anyone has tried this mod with success
  5. tcardio

    Factory windscreen fluid

    That factory fluid really smells great but I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone sourced that great smelling fluid and know the p/n
  6. tcardio

    Ross Tech rules for limited VCDS cable usage

    I have a few Audi's so I guess its time to purchase the new dongle as the site says the older software is going legacy and the newer software is limited to a certain amount of cars for use unless my wallet opens up. I understand the business model but I will miss showing up at a GTG and helping...
  7. tcardio

    Q8 My new whip

  8. tcardio

    Gen IV Haldex Filter

    For those that have a genIV, have you replaced the filter that says its a magic lifetime filter and does not need to be replaced? I see no reason to not change it at the specified...
  9. tcardio

    Speed display RNSE 193 Unit: need help

    I have 2009. I enter VCDS into Navigation 37 Adaptation-10 Channel 17 no information is supplied regarding that location. only N/A my research has found that changing the setting to 2 will allow the RNSE to show speed display as an option after resetting the RNSE My original coding is 3 and...
  10. tcardio

    Plastic restorer: advice before purchase it says it reflows the plastic whatever that means but I like the video. Thinking of using this on my cowl and front wheel wells. Need some guru...
  11. tcardio

    Upgrade Comfort module to acquire interior LED lighting while driving

    I do not have the option to have Terminal 58 active so I can have my interior LED dimmed during driving. I have 2009. I was wondering if I upgrade the module, will the new module have the option and will it communicate the change. Tough question but maybe some of you have done similar upgrades...
  12. tcardio

    D3S: LED or standard

    I have Phillips Extreme 5000K. I like them and they have adequate light output but was wondering if anyone has the D3S bulbs in LED form and what the opinions are. Are they brighter or spread wider or farther?
  13. tcardio

    Shaving Door Strips?

    from this to this kinda like the look but it's making a ba#tard child
  14. tcardio

    I did search btw... S3 rear valence removal advise

    It this a bumper off job as some recommend or can you remove without bumper removal. I want to paint it so I am just wondering. Sorry but I meant advice in title
  15. tcardio

    Talk me out of Hella Supertones behind my RS3 grill please!

    So I hate my Audi horns and have an itch to buy the supertones. Most likely will mount them in the standard position but kinda thinking about the grill option. They would be in black color
  16. tcardio

    Thank you N8! Gotta love Kowalski Details!

    Living on the wrong side of the pond creates issues when modifying cars. I have been looking for RS3 rotors for awhile and I kindly asked for assistance from Nate at Kowalski Details. The wheels were impeccably prepared as it the standard for Nate. The delivery was superb. He came through...
  17. tcardio

    Anyone know the paint code for the OEM RS3 Grill?

    Need to paint the fog grills so I would like to match the grill. I did search btw
  18. tcardio

    Let's talk SDS. Do you REALLY use it?

    With so many threads discussing retrofits, MK2 units, wiring many of you really use the full scope of SDS. Which ones's do you use frequently and which never at all. Do you need to repeat yourself frequently? Let's face it, it's a fair price to pay for full SDS with a retrofit and I...
  19. tcardio

    Dr Beasley's Plasmacoat: Let's talk

    seen the product but little in the way of reviews. Detailing guru's please provide some insight