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  1. Shaun Osborne

    Elsawin software

    Hi guys, I'm hoping one of you can tell me where I can purchase Elsawin from please? I remember Rob from the b7 avant chats telling me about it, and I've been trying to find it but the sites that I've found look rather dodgy and too cheap. I would really appreciate someone helping me please
  2. Shaun Osborne

    1.9tdi engine won't start

    So my old motor had been sat for few weeks without being started. Went to start it and it was dead. Jumped it and started straight away, ticked over fine. Went to start it following day and struggled to start but turned over and ran. 3rd day won't start and even after charging fully it just just...
  3. Shaun Osborne

    Help Please Movies on SD card for MMI

    Hello people I'm new to the B8 forum, coming from B7. I've found that my car has dvd player and 2 sd card readers, but how and where can I get movies to play on my system? I don't fancy buying loads of dvds. Also what is required to either bipass the safety mode that doesn't allow screen picture...
  4. Shaun Osborne

    For Sale 1.9tdi 2006 a4 b7

    Currently in process of buying new car, so my 2006 1.9tdi will be getting sold. Its saloon in Akoya silver, bkd engine, 130k on the clock, full service history(mainly Audi), New tyres, pads and discs all round, new rear calipers, uprated suspension, front arb, lower arms, drop links. Tidy motor...
  5. Shaun Osborne

    Seat belt warning light HELPPPPPPP

    Can anybody tell me how to diagnose and fix a seat belt warning light issue. It lights up with my movements intermittently. Can I just disconnect the wire under my seat? Or will that make my airbag redundant?
  6. Shaun Osborne

    Wheel trade/swap/part exchange

    Anybody have any nice a4 b7 alloys for sale, swap, or part ex? These are et52, 18in.
  7. Shaun Osborne

    Help Required please re: Front anti roll bar bush

    Can anybody help me figure out what size arb bushes I need for my 1.9tdi. Not sure if engine code is required but it's bke saloon. I've been experiencing knocking or more like rattle on front end over uneven surfaces, I've done bottom wishbones, new springs and shocks, one side drop link so...
  8. Shaun Osborne

    A4 B7 NON sline Front splitter

    Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help me choose a splitter that won't look hideous on an SE front bumper. Nothing too expensive and definitely nothing ott as I want to keep it OEM+
  9. Shaun Osborne

    Engine Torque specs PETROL and Diesel

    Here are torque specs for PETROL engines. Including Cam, Cylinder, Mounts, Flywheel, Tappets, Oil pump, Timing Belt.
  10. Shaun Osborne

    A4 b7 Cambelt change SERIOUS concern

    Well guys, I'm hoping to do my next cambelt change. I'm going with the better water pump(metal) and Dayco belt kit which I think contain ins pulleys and tensioner. BUT it doesn't contain the new tensioner shaft, and I'm hearing very mixed feelings where the shaft is concerned. Some say leave it...
  11. Shaun Osborne

    For Sale TT V6 18" wheels sale or swap

    For sale or swap 18s, 9j, 57.1 cb, 5x112. Tyres are 2 x good 2 x on limit Ideally want 19s with useable tyres.