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  1. Blackie

    For Sale FS Ispiri ISR5 alloys & tyres & spacers

    Hi all. Not been on for a while but with the impending sale of the A5 I have these for sale. Freshly refurbed ISR5 wheels. They only had minor scuffs but wanted them done. They are 19x9.5 deep concave all round and are et45 (I think). Fitted with brand new 255-35-19 Pirelli Pzero tyres. All...
  2. Blackie

    Q5 Q5 Sline 3.0 front brakes

    Hi all. I've been on a trip around Scotland last week and although the brakes are not half bad I feel now its had a remap its getting a bit hairy stopping when pushing on. Anyone upgraded and what have you used ? My A5 is also a 3.0 & also mapped but has S5 discs on it but its also a manual so I...
  3. Blackie

    Q5 Q5 RS Grille

    Quite pleased with it now I've had time to fit. Bit of modding with the dremel but on the whole not too bad. At least the bumpers are easier to get off than the older ones Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  4. Blackie

    Q5 Hi all

    Just picked up a Q5 before xmas. Seemed tidy enough until I got it home and it threw the crank pulley out. The dealer agreed for awesome to do it so now all good. Stage 1 Apr map in it now and have used vag to get the drive select on. Will be adding an rs grill and some other bits on soon. Still...
  5. Blackie

    VW caddy limiter

    Hi all. Not Audi related I know but I'm trying to help a friend out. His ex gas caddy is limited to 120 kph but I've tried increasing it in engine channel 14 with code 12233 with no luck It will let me decrease bit not increase. Now this is not channel 8 which is a lower only bit 14 I assume...
  6. Blackie

    Can anyone help with a MAF problem (2.0 tdi FR Leon)

    Hi all I know you are a great bunch on here so hoping you can help I joined the Seat forum a couple of weeks ago & posted this & no one has responded so thought this was the place to put it Its a bit long winded but please if you can put any pointers on it i would be appreciated Cheers Hi...
  7. Blackie

    B8 wheel spacers

    Hi all Has anyone fitted spacers to the original 19 rotors on the B8 & if so what did you get away with Cheers
  8. Blackie

    Vcds Bs11 Area Service Reset

    Hi all. For a very good mate who had a bad illness recently. I can't do it as im in Mcr but he's willing to pay fuel & beer tokens Cheers
  9. Blackie

    A4 B8 Wheel Fitting Question

    Hi all I looked for a specific wheels calc thraed but could,nt find it & i didnt just want to stick it in the A4 section in case someone with knowledge missed it. I dont want to bother N8 as i know he is busy working. Mrs B,s A4 B8 avant has 8 x 18 5 spoke S line alloys which i think are et 29...
  10. Blackie

    Rear Wiper Gone

  11. Blackie

    B8 Avant Arrived

    Hi All With the Passat gone (Which Mrs B hated). We have gained a 2012 A4 Avant 2.0 tdi Sline. High miles but quite tidy. As suspected the Passat went in better condition than the Avant arrived. On arrival i cleaned the engine bay, debadged it & gave it a general clean This week ive managed...
  12. Blackie

    Any audi owners in Fort William ?

    I may need some help Thanks
  13. Blackie

    Yes Mr Black, we will give it a service

    Before you pick it up what a load of ****e
  14. Blackie

    Nice to see the jaffa again

    With its new owner Dom. Nice to see its gone to a chap who will look after it as i did. The Milltek will now be fitted back into its spot where it left. i will no doubt be seeing it again as Dom persues more cleaning stuff to make it shiny or needs some Vag info ,and he will no doubt be asking...
  15. Blackie

    A5 Radio is Garbage

    Found out over the last few weeks that the radio is utter crap. When its a fine day its ok, as soon as its cloudy it is awful. Loses channels & drops out & get white noise & hiss Is there anything i need to check out Its a non nav with B&O Cheers
  16. Blackie

    Now i know why i never had a white car

    Gonna have to get used to it. ****** 5 hours to clay the car to get it looking like the garage should have handed it over. Not even waxed it yet as its started to rain but there isnt a black dot on it anywhere. 3 years of crap rubbed off.
  17. Blackie

    I wonder where the Jaffa will turn up ??

    I know the dealer has sold it. I wonder if they sh1t themselves when they boot it with the stage 1 on :sm4: Either way someone got a ****** good car.
  18. Blackie

    Awesome 3.0tdi remap

    Visited the Awesome lads this week & had the V6 mapped. The boys as always do a sterling job & always take the timeout to chat & make you feel welcome The car is now insane. I really didnt think anything could match the S3 in terms of grunt but by god does it shift. Very pleased & even noticed...
  19. Blackie

    A bit of meddling (New RS grille) on the new arrival

    Had the car 3 weeks now. Only had 1 full week tinkering as i,ve been away on Hols. Anyway ive added some RS mirror caps & a new RS grille. Bumper had to come off this time ( I managed to get the grilles done on the A3 & A4 without bumper off). Painted the crash bar whilst i was at it. End result...
  20. Blackie

    Brembo brakes on the bay BEWARE !!!!

    Is it me or has someone seriously bodged a perfectly good set of calipers & they are ready to detonate on the next owner ? Massive Brake Upgrade brembo 4 Pot C20let Vxr Audi Bmw Universal | eBay