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  1. RS3 S.


    i like the car BUT not the alloys.
  2. RS3 S.

    Ever increasing cost of Fuel !!!.

    Just been up to my Local Esso for some of there 99ron & it's now £159.9 a litre !!!!!. Don't think it will be falling any time soon?.
  3. RS3 S.

    Who's buying all the houses?

    I think Covid has done a lot to push up house prices. People stuck in tiny boxes during lockdown now want more space/garden etc. Was watching a program on the tv last week & property in Scotland were you place an offer on property they were saying you need to place a bid at least 20% over the...
  4. RS3 S.

    Oil level after service in mmi

    ............don't over fill it !!!!.
  5. RS3 S.

    Fusso rain drop

    ...........i'm up for these sort of products these days. Anything to make life easier & with regular washing etc these are good products.
  6. RS3 S.

    DAB has disappeared

    Back to the dealer mate, it's a sofewear issue. My last car did it & Audi sorted it.
  7. RS3 S.

    North East Servicing

    Depending on how far you want to travel, Moorfield German Car specialist's in Yeadon West Yorkshire look after mine. Fairly easy to get to from the A1.
  8. RS3 S.

    Digital Service Record not showing on MyAudi

    I just keep all the paperwork i get from the specialist who looks after mine & they can update the service direct to the Audi system. They print off a service check sheet with what is required at the mileage interval/year etc. I'm old school & like to keep service receipts etc just in case.
  9. RS3 S.

    DAB disappeared PFL

    DJAlix or the dealers can fix it.
  10. RS3 S.

    Recommend Screenwash

    ...............same here.
  11. RS3 S.

    Fitting Carbon Ceramic brakes on RS6

    .............know what you mean!!!!!. Was looking on ebay & the cost even second hand is eye wattering!!!!. Think i'll stick with the standard set up.
  12. RS3 S.

    Fitting Carbon Ceramic brakes on RS6

    ............the wheels were refurbished back in April. My problem is the disc brakes them selves which rust as soon as you wash the car hence the dust then flying on to the inside rim & spokes. Tho not ceramic coated the wheels have had rim wax & are constantly coated in quick detailing spray...
  13. RS3 S.

    Fitting Carbon Ceramic brakes on RS6

    My RS6 c7 has the standard steel brakes fitted & the dust they chuck off is terrible. Standard Audi pads, also after washing the car the rust particles that form on the surface is terrible. Every time i go out after cleaning the car when i get back i need to clean the inside of the rims &...
  14. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    Open to serious offers guys. :icon thumright:
  15. RS3 S.

    For Sale Possibly for sale. RS6 Performance C7 21'' Alloys.

    If there is any interest these could be up for sale. Perfect C7 Performance alloys with no curb or rim damage. Michelin sport 4 tyres with 5-6mm left on them. Been offered a set of the latest C8 RS6 alloys but would really like to sell these first to off set the cost, no idea what there worth so...
  16. RS3 S.

    Do you daily your S3?

    My RS6 is our only car so ''yes'' it's a daily drive. There meant to be driven so enjoy it!!!!!.
  17. RS3 S.

    Facelift Sat/Nav Virtual Cockpit Broken?

    Could be a software issue?. Trip to the dealer i think?.
  18. RS3 S.

    Q7 Q7 air suspension

    My RS6 is on air suspension & it drives/rides fine.
  19. RS3 S.

    New Tyres Recommendations

    Very good on my RS6 on 21inch tyres. They will need changing around the end of October. As for mileage cant give you an exact amount as they were on the car when i purchased it. I've done a round 9000 on them in my ownership & car has never been on a track so just general everyday motoring.