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  1. RobMorris

    2008 2.0 TFSI won't start after remap and smell

    Hi guys I just had my car remapped on the rolling road. The remap was finished when the car stalled out whilst still on the rollers. There was no bang, no smoke, no leaks. A strong smell, like electric or plastic burning and now car won't start. It just clicks sounding like a dead battery but...
  2. RobMorris

    Lacquer peel

    Hi I have a 2009 Audi A4 B8 2.0 Diesel SE in Black I noticed a while ago a small patch (Around £2 coin size) of lacquer peel down by the rear wheel arch. Today I noticed after a jet wash the patch has increased. There is no damage to the paint underneath. Would it be possible to rattle can...
  3. RobMorris

    Driver door refuses to unlock?

    Hi I have had my 2009 A4 B8 for a couple of months and noticed recently that the drivers door was not unlocking first time. So I would have to lock/unlock until it actually works.. Its getting worse now and either have to climb in through the rear/passenger side to unlock from the inside? I...
  4. RobMorris

    Power Steering

    Hi all I have a 2009 A4 lowered on coilovers with 19'' alloys and the power steering is almost non existent? Its hard to turn the wheel - my wife cant drive it.. Is this normal? My tyres are at 36PSI Cheers
  5. RobMorris

    Cruise Control retrofit

    Hi all I have a 2009 A4 which has the multimedia steering wheel but no cruise I have asked and for pricing Is there any further recommendations close to Essex for the job? Cheers
  6. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Guys Can anyone confirm what this noise is on start up? It does settle down but you can here it when fully warm on drive and rev. Rough start audi A4 2.5 tdi B6 from bottom end? - YouTube Cheers
  7. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Guys Can anyone confirm what this noise is on start up? It does settle down but you can here it when fully warm on drive and rev. Rough start audi A4 2.5 tdi B6 from bottom end? - YouTube Cheers
  8. RobMorris

    100 mile walk

    Chaps Im doing a 100 mile walk for Cancer Research. Brighton to Bournemouth. Would appreciate any sponsor no matter how little. link below cheers!
  9. RobMorris

    Mobil 1 10w60 - HELP!

    Chaps Ive used this oil in my car. Its quality 'thick' oil, bought for the main reason to - 'quieten my noisy engine', made for high mileage engines over 2L etc Id say my engine is now MORE noisy...
  10. RobMorris

    5w 40 fully synthetic Oil spec

    Chaps Is the following good for my 2.5tdi? 'Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specification: API SL/CF ACEA A3/B3' Cheers
  11. RobMorris

    Rough sounding start

    Chaps Ever since my purchase I have been concious of the sound of my car on cold start up. Whilst on choke it revs to about 1200 for some 30 seconds then drops to around 800 revs where is sounds quite normal for a diesel engine. Whilst at the 1200 revs it just sounds awful.. As if the engine...
  12. RobMorris

    How much reserve fuel left after computer reads 0

    Chaps Im trying to figure out my MPG. After brimming I managed 550 miles to 0 miles remaining on the computer. There must be a reserve - anyone know how many litres it is? Cheers
  13. RobMorris

    Avant rear De-Wiper bung/grommit

    Chaps My wiper arm has been missing from car purchase. Ive not missed it so instead of spending out for a new arm and wiper im going to remove it completley.. Any advice in doing so? And what one should i go for? Audi A3, S3, A4, A6, RS4, RS6 Rear De-wiper Bung x1 ( Euro Look ) | eBay or...
  14. RobMorris

    Magnetic Sump plug

    Chaps Does anyone know if the standard B6 A4 has a magnetic sump plug? If not where to get one and are they recommended? Cheers
  15. RobMorris

    Has anyone rattle canned their lowers?

    Chaps As above Has anyone rattle canned their lowers? And happy with it? Cheers
  16. RobMorris

    Does anyones Diesel oil run golden?

    Chaps I recently bought a Diesel A4. The oil in the engine was like crude oil which I quickly replaced with 5/40 fully syn + filter. Although I poured in golden oil it was instantly black and mucky on checking the dip stick.. 3 weeks + 1000 miles later I have just done another oil change. I...
  17. RobMorris

    What is this wheel called and any pics shown on a A4 B6? Cheers!
  18. RobMorris

    Rear disks 245 or 255? Saloon same for avant?

    Chaps Im soon to need new reard pads and disks. On checking im struggling to find for an avant? assume saloon cars use the same disks? And what would my rears be 245 or 255? Cheers
  19. RobMorris

    Has anyone here replaced a front bearing themselves?

    Chaps This week I plan to takle the passenger side front wheel bearing. Ive bought AUDI A4 A6 A8 S6 S8 RS4 RS6 1.6 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.4 2.5 2.7 3.0 WHEEL BEARING FRONT | eBay I believe I have all the tools required. The one concern I have is if I require the use of a bearing press? Some say yes...
  20. RobMorris

    Vibration between 1400 and 1600 revs

    Chaps I get a metallic vibration in every gear between 1400 and 1600 revs. What could this be? Cheers