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  1. Morells

    Anyone know this car

    Hi guys anyone know this Black RS3 Reg EJ12 JKE
  2. Morells

    Anyone know the car

    hi just wondering if anyone recognises the reg on here? Y21 EVS
  3. Morells

    Error free number plate lights

    As the title says really guys/girls what are the best ones on eBay or anywhere
  4. Morells

    Gear Surrounds

    Hi guys quick question before I buy parts is the manual gear surround the same as the DSG surround looked at pictures they seem the same just want to be 100% sure
  5. Morells

    What Wheel colour should I get

    Hi everyone dropped my car off to get a dent fixed and the wheels sprayed and basically he rang me up and said some idiot had had the split rims apart before and wound them to tight in so they would have to be machined out so it's a no go. I have a set of original S3 alloys and was wondering...
  6. Morells

    Bilstein pss (b14) coilovers or pss9 (b16) ?

    Well I'm moving into my flat atm so all the money spending for furniture and all that is over and when a month passes I'll be able to finally sort the handling out and wanted people opinions on these two options. I want the ride comfort to be a bit stiffer but not back breaking so which is the...
  7. Morells

    RS4 costs thinking of getting one

    Hey everyone thinking of chopping my S3 in for a RS4 as ever since my brother let me drive his before he sold it iv just been a sucker for one and never had the balls to buy one. Just wondered what the main known problems that these wonderful cars suffer from? And also running costs not fuel but...
  8. Morells

    Recaro re-trim

    Basically I have recently bought some recaro's and like most recaro buckets the bolsters get a little warn and a little bit of other wear here and there so was wondering what price would it be to get the seats re-trimmed? If anyone knows.
  9. Morells

    Anyone used venture shield?

    I'm getting my bonnet resprayed and am fed up of stone chips so looked online for films and wraps to stop this and found venture shield mentioned a lot and was wondering if anyone has this on theirs? And if so how much just the bonnet would cost to do?
  10. Morells

    Buckets are they a straight swap?

    As the title says how hard is it to swap the standard seats with the recaro's?
  11. Morells

    Sprint blue S3 8P Hereford

    Saw a sprint blue S3 parked up in Hereford today reg D1* *OX
  12. Morells

    What suspension for the S3????

    Basically what set up does everyone recommend looked at bilstein coil overs and almost had a heart attack haha so what springs + damper combinations are there? What setup on your car do you have? And are the cheaper coil overs any good?
  13. Morells

    Can't find a guide can anyone help

    I can't find anywhere a guide on how to take the casing off the facelift dumbo mirrors, can anyone help?
  14. Morells

    Black rivets for the B pillar

    Hi everyone iv got some carbon b pillars and have just looked at how to get them off and I thought it would be screws but they are rivets. The only rivets I can find are silver where can I get some black ones from? Audi?
  15. Morells

    So I visited forge Orlando today...

    Well it was our shopping day before we head back to the uk and the mrs says what's the first place we are going to today? She was expecting the mall but her face when I said forge, I quote oh another car part (eyes rolled). Anyway drove there in the horrible ford mustang convertable rent a car...
  16. Morells

    Opinions wanted on these wheels

    Hey everyone I'm planning on getting one of these alloy choices on my Sprint blue S3 when I get back from holiday in March and just wondered what you guys/girls would go for. 18" Speedline Corse Turini (2120) (Anthracite) Alloy Wheels for Your Audi S3 All Models - 18" BBS VZ...
  17. Morells

    S3 Stage2+ DSG vs merc C63 AMG

    Basically how close would it be between the S3 and Merc? I know the merc would pull away at the higher the speed thanks to the V8 but would the S3 be able to keep with it at the lower speeds (up to 80?)
  18. Morells

    Just a link to Paul Walkers memorial meet please comment on the thread linked
  19. Morells

    Who's done the most miles at stage 2+

    Basically I'm trying to get a feel for what issues if any have people had running stage 2+ for a long period of time?
  20. Morells

    The Adopted TTRS has left

    Hey guys iv sold the RS but I'm not leaving all together just over to the A3 8P section as I have got a S3 again here's the thread I sold it because I was fed up with just two seats and also...