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  1. PenttisHSR

    D3S to D1S Headlight Conversion

    Just thought I'd share this on the B8 Forum. Searching for an upgrade to my S4 Headlights and this is just what I was looking for. Kit Ordered...........
  2. PenttisHSR

    OBD Port Security

    As I understand it, a maximum of three keys/fobs can be programmed to the car. Therefore, if I have in my possession 3 working keys/fobs then it can not be possible for "somebody else" to programme a fourth key by any means, with which to start my car and drive it away. Is this correct?
  3. PenttisHSR


    Am I correct that this "active sound system" was introduced on facelift cars? Also, early versions were in the exhaust system but current version is through the car's speakers?