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  1. NHN

    B8 3.0tdi diagnosis

    Fuel pressure, supply issue on quick search, check lift pumps under rear seats, when ignition is turned on they should pressure up immediately, with seat base lifted you should be able to hear & as its a quattro there will be 1 either side of the prop, under both rear seats usually. Check...
  2. NHN

    A3 8P Instrument Cluster Fault Stopping Engine Running

    Tbh the keys dont make the clocks change operation except when turning ignition on & off, sounds more like coincidence & a little time gave it chance to reset itself.
  3. NHN

    Possible to reset radio pin?

    Sounds like the unit needs a firmware reload which may reset the serial to get the correct pin, seen that before.
  4. NHN

    Dis and cruise fitting and coding in Newcastle

    It will be possible, just not through odis that I currently know, but the horizon changes everyday.
  5. NHN

    Dis and cruise fitting and coding in Newcastle

    They started this way way back on older chassis too, they keep flip flopping back & forth with these things. Imho, if someone had a car, they want to fit said item, as long as they validate its their car & they provide all the documents, then why Audi wont install is for me, quite ridiculous...
  6. NHN

    Dis and cruise fitting and coding in Newcastle

    If its used, audi afaik wont allow it to code in unless they've changed yet again what they allow or dont. If you have odis & 5054 then try yourself, subject to paying for the usage with vag online.
  7. NHN

    A6 C6 Avant 09-Centr.El long coding not available

    Check 46, that's comfort control, may have something in there if 09 short coding or adaptions show nothing.
  8. NHN

    VCDS for coding cruise control and trip computer A4 B7 Salford (Walkden)

    I have jobs up that way afaik, can fit, code for a fee of course, just comes down to when I'm in the area, best to WhatsApp me.
  9. NHN

    A5 3.0tdi dpf new pressure sensor ..coding?

    What is vcds telling you? Could be doing regen maybe because old one was faulty, need to scan.
  10. NHN

    S8 D2 Covid Deathbed

    Worth a try, solenoid issue.
  11. NHN

    S8 D2 Covid Deathbed

    Starter motor or relay maybe are faulty. Assume dash lights up?
  12. NHN

    Vcds south manchester? For door control module replacement

    It should lock & indicate default, did you plug in as yet, was the door damaged.
  13. NHN

    VCDS in West or East Sussex

    Yes possibly
  14. NHN

    VCDS in West or East Sussex

    Vcds wont do immo, do you have the skc, as if so I could possibly do the install.
  15. NHN

    Anyone in East London with VCDS (Diagnostics Req)

    You sure its not doing a dpf regen?
  16. NHN

    VCDS Supplier

    Give Derek @ ilexa a shout.
  17. NHN

    B7 RS4 Max 7000rpm

    I hope it was under warranty, as those engines are as much as new cars these days.
  18. NHN

    VCDS interface not found

    Is it a genuine unit
  19. NHN

    VCDS Supplier

    Not atm.