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    Caught speeding!

    I agree with Rich, not much else you can do really. If you're lucky they'll run out of time to take you to court, like they did with me :) Kev.
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    Double Glazing question?

    And make sure that they issue you with a FENSA certificate once the job is done... It'll save problems when you come to sell. Kev.
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    pda sat nav

    I use used total PDA for a custom mount (worth the money over a universal IMO), and I sourced a brodit clip for the car to save drilling any holes or having a huge mass stuck to the windscreen. I'm sure there is some pics in the B5 section... Kev. Here is the thread, some good pics and info.
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    Gentle, but expensive, reminder regarding libel on websites

    [ QUOTE ] Oh, & what car are you being tempted to buy, Kev? [/ QUOTE ] I've not really thought too much about it, because you see, if I do start thinking about it I'll not be able to think about anything else until I sell the house and get the money, which will be a few months yet. Or I...
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    Booked in to be looked at this week. It's warm down here so no CH needed at the moment, it means I get nice and warm showers! I'll let you know the outcome. Kev.
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    Gentle, but expensive, reminder regarding libel on websites

    [ QUOTE ] Kev, you could be hit by a bus in a month, buy the god damm car. [/ QUOTE ] I'm afraid I know that lesson all too well, which is what gives me this attitude of do it whilst you can. Kev.
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    Gentle, but expensive, reminder regarding libel on websites

    Erm... it could. Or it could involve paying a large chunk off my mortgage, or blowing it all on a car Head and heart stuff. Kev.
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    Private Messaging

    See the site suggestions and feedback section. There is a link in one of the threads which will let you access you PMs. Try reading here Kev.
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    Gentle, but expensive, reminder regarding libel on websites

    [ QUOTE ] You can tell I'm not that old, nor wise, or I'd have spent the money in a more sensible (or should that say responsible) way... [/ QUOTE ] No... Do it whilst you can and enjoy it! I have some similar (stupid plans) for the near future Kev.
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    The budget

    [ QUOTE ] Pity it isn't... I would hammer all the miserable gits with their 2 tonne chelsea tractors...big time. Unless you live in the middle of a field, or own a farm, you should pay way more for road tax, to compensate for the damage these vile vehicles cause... It would also help solve...
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    It can't be, I've changed it Kev.
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    I'll let you know as soon as I do. I'm not too worrried at the mo, if I turn the CH off I can shower in perfectly warm water Kev.
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    One for the Geeks

    I've seen that time and time again and I still laugh myself silly every time. How did that bloke come up with a 32.33% chance of survival?!? Kev.
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    Hello there Matty, It's never been scalding hot since I moved in. But then again as I said I've never had a combi. Flow rate is not what I expect, but if it's normal for the area or not I don't know. If it's a scaling problem it could of been getting worse over the years. I'm not sure how old...
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    OK mate, thanks for all the help. I'll get someone in to have a look, just like to do the best I can before I give in! Kev.
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    I agree shorting a high limit stat is not a good idea. One quick question before handing it over to an "expert". Can I ping a pipe off the heat exchanger to visually check for calcium build up? I'll take a pic of the flexible pipes and connections leading to it for you if it helps answer. Kev.
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    The boiler is not quite, that's for sure. Last time serviced (allegedly) 18 months ago just before I bought the place. Fault light kicks in on shut down. Fault light when looked up in the manual means "a fault has occured". I'm good with all things electrical, even electronic, but boilers are...
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    Any plumbers on the forum?

    It's not the APS, voltage check indicates it's working once the boiler has shut down but the fan is still going. I live in a very hard water area, would scale build up in the heat exchanger cause these symptoms? What I'm thinking is the heat exchanger can't get rid of the heat into the water...
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    F1 Preview

    [ QUOTE ] (this is dispite me playing F1 engine noises to him whilst in the womb!) [/ QUOTE ] Kev.
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    Now this looks like it could be a laugh...

    I've registered a team on the reserve list Kev.