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  1. Steve D

    Aircon recharge

    So, with the hot weather we're having, our old Golf is struggling to get cool inside so rather than pay £60+ for a top up, I decided to take a chance and DIY it. We've had the Golf 8 years and it’s never been topped up. Went to Halfords and bought a bottle of gas and a trigger and digital gauge...
  2. Steve D

    Rising used car prices.

    When we bought our A3 in Feb this year, we bought it off of a relative who let us have it for the WBAC valuation. I’ve just renewed the insurance and they gave a higher price than we paid for it so I’ve just checked the WBAC valuation again and it’s gone up by £3,165. I sold our diesel Evoque...
  3. Steve D

    Changed my rear pads today...

    ...and didn’t use any electrinic trickery to wind back the epb. I just removed the motor and manually wound the epb thread by hand. Had to use a small 7mm bit and a ratchet spanner to get at the caliper bolts. Pushed back the piston, fitted the pads and that was it. Changed the discs at the same...
  4. Steve D

    PAYG sim in A3 question.

    As above, what will I get by inserting a PAYG SIM card into my MY 2017 A3 sim slot and have I got to muck about with any settings?
  5. Steve D

    Apple car play question.

    I have a MY 2017 model. Does Apple car play work wirelessly or only with the charge cable connected? I can get it working with the cable but unable to do it wirelessly. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Steve D

    Yet another cam belt question!

    I have read a few threads about the cam belt renewal on a 1.4 COD engine but I have just set up the 'MyAudi' app and it is particular to my vehicle. What confuses me is that certain items under 'additional work' on the app such as pollen filter/spark plugs/brake fluid and coolant pump drive belt...
  7. Steve D

    Is my car a facelift model?

    As above. It was built in Nov 16 and registered in Jan ‘17. Also, it has the moving rear indicators and the headlamps are the best I’ve ever had in a car. Are they LED ones? Thanks.
  8. Steve D

    How do I load songs onto a SD card.

    I admit I’m a complete numpty on these matters but how can I load songs/albums from a CD onto a SD card so that I can play them in slot 2 on the CD player in my A3? I have an old windows PC with a CD player. Is there an idiots guide on how to do this?
  9. Steve D

    SIM card question A3

    I see a SIM card slot in the CD player in our A3. If I insert a PAYG SIM card in that slot, what do I get over and above using my own phone on Bluetooth?
  10. Steve D

    Connecting iPod Nano second generation to 2017 A3

    Is it possible? If so, what do I need to connect and operate an iPod nano second gen to our A3. It works fine through the Jack plug but I’d like to be able to control it through the MMI like we used to in our 2009 Golf!
  11. Steve D

    Service checklist/sheet.

    Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the service sheet for an A3? I’ve tried Audi customer care and after them asking me for my car registration number all I got back was this: "I can confirm that your vehicle is on a flexible service regime which is for the vehicle to be serviced every 2...
  12. Steve D

    Gave my A3 a going over today.

    I took my new to me A3 up to my workshop today for a going over. I fitted the dash cam from our old car and hard wired that in. Its last service was in November and was carried out by an Audi dealer. I think it was just an oil change though. 34,000 miles on the clock now but the air and pollen...
  13. Steve D

    Looking to becoming an owner. Engine question.

    Hi all. Just signed up as looking to get an A3 to replace our diesel Golf and looking for some advice. I'm looking to get a petrol engine model, a 1.2 or 1.4. Have a budget of around £15k and the wife is quite specific - must have 5 doors, a manual gearbox, grey, with chrome strips under the...