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  1. S3 Eddie

    Anyone used Turbo Dynamics in Dorset before???

    My Ko4 turbo is on its way out after the oil strainer blocked :( So it now needs a rebuild. So did a bit of searching on the web etc and found Turbo Dynamics. They seam to be the cheapest for a rebuild i have found starting at £195+ vat (cleaned, seals and bearings). Any one used them before...
  2. S3 Eddie

    Been away for a while but now i'm back :)

    Hi. Im Eddie, i been away visiting the Seat side of the vag range for a year or so, but now gladly back in to the Audi game! I used to have a tidy standard 210 face lift S3 before the ibiza cupra fail!! Now i have not long picked up a real tidy Mk1 TT 225 :P Only 85k and fash! Few bits...
  3. S3 Eddie

    Just a quickie! S3 what grade oil???

    Going to do an oil and filter change on my S3 this afternoon, just need to know what grade oil to use? I have 5w30 Fully synth in my oil tanks at work or i have 10w40 semi synth mobil oil in cans in my stock room. Hope either of them will do as then i only have to pay for an oil filter...
  4. S3 Eddie

    Newbie Help please!!! 2001 S3 ESP Fault??

    Hi every one Well i have just bought a 2001 S3 and WOW! I thought i would really miss my old Mk2 2.0 16v Golf! Ha not really the case now! Still i think i have a problem with my ESP, as i cant seem to turn it on? .....I think! Basicly the button dosnt work! I press it and nothing lights...