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  1. Rs3Life

    Cylinder on demand (c7 performance)

    Hi all, I'm new to rs6 and the cylinder on demand technology so I just want to check if all is good with the car or I should ask Audi to investigate the potential issue. Over the weekend I did 400 miles on highways and I was able to notice slight move or shake (similar to going over small...
  2. Rs3Life

    Facelift Stuck brake disc

    Hi all, I used clamps and metal bar on driver side and it popped after a little of pressure but I'm a bit lost as my passenger side brake disc is stuck and I can't get it off. I have used penetrating WD but now I'm reaching the bending point of the bar :rage: Do you have any tips? (I don't...
  3. Rs3Life

    Service manual book for FL RS3 Sportsback

    Hi all, Do you know where to get/buy service book? I have seen this: but I'm not sure that will work with 2017 FL model. I looked at the forum and could not find any links.
  4. Rs3Life

    Sportback RS3 - 2018 - Mode selection and exhaust issue

    Hi guys, as far I'm able to read at forum many people have the cold start issue with banging exhaust (I have that too) but I noticed something different and want to see what you know about it. I'm always in dynamic mode and almost all the time drive with sports gearbox (just love the sound...