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  1. I'm Just Rob.

    Quattro clutch replacement, Engine in or out methods.

    Evening chaps. Not that I need to do it yet as such but I'm toying with the idea based on a pre-emptive strike before I go for more performance bits. Without a full lift I think this is going to be a pig of a job insitu, so would an engine/gearbox out be a better option. I know it's a bit more...
  2. I'm Just Rob.

    Selling medals for cash.

    I feel lucky and honoured to have had numerous family members in the armed forces from back to the start of ww1 up to very recently . What I feel very strongly about is the selling of medals for cold hard cash. For me it's just out of order, a serving member of the armed forces has put their...
  3. I'm Just Rob.

    The argument for or against the B7 OE Airbox and filter.

    Having read again a few articles recently on the subject matter of the B7 OE airbox and whether there is any real gain in replacing it with a more open cone or induction style assembly when used in the 2.0tfsi configuration. The last time this conversation cropped up there was a mixed bag of...
  4. I'm Just Rob.

    Buy a new car, I don't think so.

    If ever there was a good reason for keeping my old A4 B7 Bus, this is it. Shocking stats in this report and landrover/jag seem to have issues with all there SUV's etc, which doesn't really surprise me . I have a friend in landrover service and he always said steer well clear of the brand...
  5. I'm Just Rob.

    Community speed watch hypocrites are all around us.

    Just randomly reading some motoring pages on the interwebby this afternoon when I came across this article. It just sounds so familiar to other articles from numerous...
  6. I'm Just Rob.

    Just Rob's Quattro Avant Coil-over upgrade project.

    Just thought I'd wack up some pics and info from my now completed Quattro Avant coil-over upgrade project and hopefully, it may be of use to other like-minded owners with similar issues, or, if they just want a change really. From my few years on the forum and more specifically the B7 section...
  7. I'm Just Rob.

    This really gets right up my Nostrils too.

    When will the press learn, making these wild reports , big headliners with little real relevance. Wow, big snow to blanket us all, Total rubbish reports again. Up in the Scottish highlands maybe and to be expected at this time of year but across the UK with 8 inches in October , utter rubbish...
  8. I'm Just Rob.

    Some good bits and some not so good bits on the mk1 today.

    A nice sunny day so an ideal time to try a few things on the little TT First off, I wanted to try a 19" alloy, just to see if it looked much different, and it does look better. Just need 3 more to make a (19" is fitted in the pic) Next, I was looking for a rattle and came across a less...
  9. I'm Just Rob.

    Steering wheel change.

    I've abit of spare time on my hands for a few weeks so it's time to get back on the MK1. My latest idea is to change the steering wheel. Nothing wrong with the OE one, well it's really nice to be honest but due to a change in the B7 Bus it I will have an RS4 FBSW without a home, what better...
  10. I'm Just Rob.

    Not a rant as such but so true.

    During a random interwebby search this evening a noticed this little article, and it's so true aswell. I've been that poor driver stuck behind someone that finds the need to browse the whole shop before paying for fuel , only to then exit the shop and go to a subway outlet next door, arghhhh ...
  11. I'm Just Rob.

    Oh dear it has started here again .

    Seems panic buying of everything has started in my neck of the woods. As I’m in car park opposite Sainsbury’s petrol is at a standstill and causing gridlock on approach roads. Our little island is going tits up rapidly , and our Gov are oblivious to it all
  12. I'm Just Rob.

    What have you done to your TT today or yesterday for that matter.

    Well today i replaced my old and disintegrated OE dogbone mount bushes with some more hardwearing powerflex items. went red as for starters to see how it works vibe wise, anything is going to be so much better than the flimsy bit of rubber that fell out on Monday..
  13. I'm Just Rob.

    Not much happening on this forum.

    There never seems to be much happening on this forum, I'm a mk1 owner and very surprised at the lack of activity here. :shrug: Are you all on another TT forum by some chance, if so, why?
  14. I'm Just Rob.

    S4 onto A4 rear brake upgrade.

    Evening guys. As I'm on an upgrade session I was going to have another go at the S4 rear 300mm disc upgrade onto my old bus. On closer web search a few sets are for sale all in similar rough condition with almost all in need of total rebuilds etc and for the stupid "S4 /RS4 " prices that sellers...
  15. I'm Just Rob.

    Sold Brembo 18z calipers .

    Selling a set of my brembo 18z calipers currently fitted to my B7. They work really well , pads are at 70% left , been on my car for a few years now so would benefit from a repaint otherwise all working fine. a new set of HEL braided lines included looking for a quick sale . £300 plus postage
  16. I'm Just Rob.

    Wanted Hubcentric spacers wanted 5mm or 8mm .

    I'm in need of a pair of 5mm or 8mm hubcentric spacers. 5x112 57.1 CB , must be in VGC . cheers rob
  17. I'm Just Rob.

    Leaky water pump.

    Evening chaps. Not that it really matters now but thought I'd share my findings anyway for future ref. My old bus is on 89k miles and was in need of a cambelt/water pump change etc, something I've been putting off for a while now, finally tackled it a few days ago. No issues with the job but...
  18. I'm Just Rob.

    One for low rear end avants , well low any variant really.

    Evening chaps, Here's one for those of you that suffer from the dreaded low rear end drop on their Avant etc. It used to be an issue with my old Quattro bus but since changing to Bilstein B8 dampers and H&R l45mm drop springs a few years back it was almost unnoticeable until recently when it...
  19. I'm Just Rob.

    Not your normal sainsbury's run around..

    Whilst waiting for the wife yesterday, parked up in my local Sainsbury's car park a bit of an oldie pulled up two bays up from me. Not seen one of these for a long, long time let alone in my local supermarket car park. Surprisingly rust-free for a classic french automobile.
  20. I'm Just Rob.

    New alloys arrived today, but not what I expected.

    New alloys for the old bus arrived today after a very long wait, I was really excited when they were dropped of but then upon opening the first box things turned sour very quickly. I had ordered Silver and the receipt for the order so I knew that the order I placed was correct. In the box are...