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  1. Schlaag

    Mmi Music Browsing Issues (tech Pack)

    Hi just resurrecting this thread! Did anyone find a solution to the 'Album Browser' carousel problem with compilations (IE the carousel showing multiple images of the album... one for each track by a different artist) Thanks Dave
  2. Schlaag

    Xenon versus LED Headlight option

    Many thanks : )
  3. Schlaag

    Xenon versus LED Headlight option

    Question regarding high beam assist.... If not specced can it be retro activated with VCDS? My car will have the rain/light sensor. (no lane assist cameras) thx
  4. Schlaag

    Best trade in price

    Hi all. Im looking to buy a new S3 / RS3 and tun wells trade value on my 26k mile S3 (2011) was offensive! Will try WBAC... any others recommended that do online valuations?