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  1. coullstar

    Help Please Avant Mud Flaps

    Torx bit, can remember the size. There is also a set of metal clips but a big screwdriver is all that is needed. I have set of flaps I took of my car.
  2. coullstar

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I run roof bars all year round and have had 4 mtb's on before so I don't think putting it on the roof is a real issue. Security wise its fairly easy to get round it with chain/padlock if need be. Ive been doing this for 10 years and never had an issue so I think your making a problem that...
  3. coullstar

    Moving into the S4 Fold

    Hi, my car is for sale at the moment if its of interest? Its got good history with nice spec and should need nothing doing for a while as Ive just serviced it, new tyres and its had the thermostat done as well. This is my...
  4. coullstar

    Help Please 2010 S4 Slow to start / fault codes

    By the age this becomes or could become a classic you wont be allowed to drive them.
  5. coullstar

    Correct 19" Wheel/tyre offset

    Anyone fitted 9.5x19in et45?
  6. coullstar

    S4 Forge pulley remap

    Lee, its a place called MB Garage just north of Aberdeen. Used to be the guys from Wallace Performance who were in Aberdeen. They have been Revo for a while and its just so much more convenient. Got the pulley today but having more thoughts on selling the car as well though...….
  7. coullstar

    S4 Forge pulley remap

    So no one else has fitted a Forge pulley then......
  8. coullstar

    S4 Forge pulley remap

    Near Aberdeen.
  9. coullstar

    S4 Forge pulley remap

    I have bought a Forge pulley to fit and have been looking at remap options. There are a few companies that Ive had info back from but just wondering who people have used for remapping once they have fitted their pulley and any feedback. Anyone used Revo? Looks like the pulley diameters are...
  10. coullstar

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    S4 Scorpion System - Looking to sell my Scorpion system. Bought new from Demon Tweeks a couple of months ago and has been used for about 1000miles. Sounds great, nice and deep sound. Looks brilliant as well. I just prefer the stock exhaust now, it suits me better for what I use the car for...
  11. coullstar

    B8 S4 Scorpion Exhaust Drone

    See that's the thing exhausts are very personal. What one person likes another doesn't. I agree that the expense seems a lot for something that doesn't give a lot of performance but for me sound is very important. I had the option of the BCS locally at a very good price but they don't sound...
  12. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    Was just wondering if you actually weighed then or got that from weight from reading it elsewhere.
  13. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    Did you confirm the weight?
  14. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    I might try and find some, I do like that massive difference in weight. Are they all forged? Did you weight them to confirm the weight? Also do they have correct centrebore to bolt straight on?
  15. coullstar

    Upgrading A4 to S4

    Ive just bought my 2nd S4, previous was a manual this time an Stronic. For commuting the stronic is better. Im doing about 45 miles round trip everyday with mainly straightish a-roads. Getting 27mpg. Long run last week on motorway was 31mpg. That's fairly sensible driving mind you. Will...
  16. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    225 or 255?
  17. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    Nothing wrong with them, they look nice. How much do the spacers weigh......:icon thumright:?
  18. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    On something that light yes you would I agree. That is a massive weight saving. On anything 10kg or above is more what I was meaning, most wheels that size will struggle to go less than that. Interested in the details on your wheels, they sound spot on.
  19. coullstar

    Lighter wheels

    For 18in wheels anything around 10kg is good. Most OEM will be around 13kg. 19's are a couple of kg more. With 19's there is less tyre so that does offset the wheel increase. You need a good 2-3 kg to make a difference. Basically you need forged wheels to feel any benefit. However saying...
  20. coullstar

    MRC Scotland

    When the RR going in?