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  1. Pops848

    Back in an Audi!

    Having strayed from Audi once or twice I always find myself going back there! Picking up a new A4 S-Line a week Monday, counting down the days! Daytona Grey 5 Spoke Dynamic Alloys Tech Pack Virtual cockpit Pictures to follow :racer:
  2. Pops848

    My Audi went bang!

    Well, as the title says, my A4 went bang. I had a B6 2.0 Fsi and the timing jumped a tooth so the engine just died. It's gone to scrap heaven now! As a result I have two spare items Fuel filter - Free just pay postage DRL's - These are the DRL's that replace the fog grilles, look OEM. RRP is...
  3. Pops848

    Another A4... whoops!

    So I'm supposed to be buying a newer car, but this A4 came along and was too much of a good deal. Needs new control arms and ARB c links (any recommendations on cheapest place to get them? A 14 year old car doesn't need Audi genuine parts I feel!) I'm also sorting the clutch, thinking of going...
  4. Pops848

    Clutch slipping, shall I replace dmf too?

    about to pick up an A4 with clutch slip, shall I replace the DMF at the same time just in case? Interested in opinions, cars just ticked over 100k so I'm thinking yes? Also, any recommendations where to buy? TIA
  5. Pops848

    Selling my A4 :-(

    time has come... If anyone knows someone interested...
  6. Pops848

    Blower motor randomly turning off

    Hey Guys, Got a bit of a random one, my blower motor suddenly turns off every now and then, it comes back on when I fiddle with some buttons but an example was today, I took the roof down so heating set on High and full blast, it just died. All controls lit up but no air flow. Turned the CC...
  7. Pops848

    New CV joint required

    I need new CV joints, no problem. However I'm having issues sourcing the correct CV joints, by the looks of it Audi changed the CV joints in March 2003, well officially for the A4 anyway, however mine is a Cab, supposedly manufactured in Sep 2002 (which I believe it was). However, being the Cab...
  8. Pops848

    If you were to buy another A4, what engine would you go for?

    Thinking of chopping in my A4, it's beautiful and I love it, but I do 500 miles a week, and in a 2.4 it's fairly brutal on the wallet, thinking maybe going for a Tdi or the 1.8T ?
  9. Pops848

    Water on inside of boot lid under carpet

    Happy Sunday all! So yesterday I swapped out my radio antenna booster, in the hope that I might get some better reception. Time will tell if I do. Downside is that I noticed water droplets on the inside of the boot lid, this is likely just condensation but it seems rather silly considering that...
  10. Pops848

    Why do you own a B6?

    I'm curious, what is it that makes you own a B6? The reason I say this is because whilst my car had a misfire the Mrs gets in my earhole about buying a newer car as I've had "so many problems" (as she puts it). I've actually had two, a misfire and a coolant leak, which I don't consider that...
  11. Pops848

    HOW TO GUIDE; Valve cover gasket replacemen

    So I recently did a full service on my A4 2.4 V6, upon doing so I noticed the plugs had oil in with them, so I promptly ordered two rocker / valve cover gaskets and when they arrived I got to work getting this done! I also had a few ask me how it was done so I thought I’d take some pictures...
  12. Pops848

    What spark plugs do you use?

    I'm interested to know what plugs you use, I changed mine the other week, NGK T sparks came out but the ones I bought from ECP were Bosch quad sparks. I'm wondering if they're killed my ignition coil so I'd be interested to know if anyone has quad sparks also? I've a 2.4 V6 but interested to...
  13. Pops848

    Help, Random misfire

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me here A4, 2.4 V6 I just changed the rocker cover gasket as it was leaking, both sides so two gasket changes Since then I've had a random misfire code on cylinders 4 and 5 I've put new plus in and swapped leads, misfire stays on 4 and 5 Took it up he...
  14. Pops848

    Stupid oil leaks!

    So I thought my 2.4 V6 was burning quite a bit of oil, about 1L every 1000 miles, did a full service today and found oil in the spark plugs, both sides! damnit, new rocker cover gaskets next weekend, £110 from ECP, bit more expensive than my last car but suppose there's two sides to the engine...
  15. Pops848

    A4 2.4 V6 - after a month of ownership, some problems

    Hey all, So I've owned my 2.4 V6 cab for near on a month now, I drive around 500 miles a week, so have done almost 2000 miles since I picked it up. In that time I have gone through 2 litres of oil, is this normal? I also have two faults with the car, one is an EML light, which error codes as...
  16. Pops848

    Retrofitting AMI

    Hi, My brother in law has a 07 A5, I don't know a lot about them but I've been playing about with Audi's for some time now. I've been doing some searching but getting mixed results, there seems to be limited into on ASN and other forums seem to be less reliable than the knowledge on here. It...
  17. Pops848

    Should I change my gearbox oil?

    I'm wanting to do a full service on my A4 2.4 V6 Manual Cab in the next few weeks, on the list is the usual Oil & Filter Air, Cabin & Fuel Filter Spark Plugs Coolant - full flush Brake Fluid - full flush My question is should I change the gearbox oil? It's MY03 car, and has 92k on the clock...
  18. Pops848

    Audi A4 retrofit DRL's

    So my car came with some DRL grill surrounds, I'm missing a grill so tempted to fit them Interested on peoples opinion on them?
  19. Pops848

    Reviving an A4 Cab roof

    I've done a bit of searching and seen that some have had some success with the renovo products on soft tops. I'd like to know if possible what the colours are like, my roof is blue, will their dark blue be a match or should I go black? Also, quantities, do I need 500ml or a litre of the stuff to...
  20. Pops848

    Leather and Alcantara seats going cheap

    I know there is an eBay thread, but it doesn't look like it's used much. I've posted there so feel free to delete admin. However, theses seats are going cheap, I'd have them but they're not heated and I have full leather heated myself...