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  1. Biglockie

    Laguna seca

    Who do you fancy this weekend then????
  2. Biglockie

    Donnington Moto GP

    I'd love to see Toselnd win but have a feeling rossi will do his magic. thoughts??
  3. Biglockie


    Got a set MEYLE bushes up for grabs peeps, brand new, they were pressed out and replaced with powerflex, any offers welcome, PM me. Cheers Chris
  4. Biglockie

    arms on

    Arms and new power flex bushes fitted tonight pics and guide to follow in the next few days, I have a set of brand new MEYLE bushes which I pressed out up for grabs if anyone's interested PM me
  5. Biglockie


    Rossi is on fire!!!!! his package has come together now, the tyres and the bike are amazing I think it was something like five seconds!! amazing performance and lorenzo deserves a medal for his performance. he couldnt ge toff the bike at the end, had to be lifted but still mangaed to finish...
  6. Biglockie

    new arms

    the kit is now complete MEYLE arms arrived today from germany, get the bushes pressed out and the polys I got from Damian @ DPM fitted then the arms fitted this week, I'll get some pics up tonight. Its like crimbo all over again LOL
  7. Biglockie

    Bike test

    Thinkin of taking my bike test this year I have read that the testing regime is changin in the autum, whats gonna change???
  8. Biglockie

    Big thanks to DPM

    Bushes arrived this morning I'll keep you up to date on progress, need to get my arms now
  9. Biglockie

    Floor mats

    MY drivers side mat has a hole in it any ideas where I can get a new set for the front , the tailored ones that fit, without goin to the stealership??
  10. Biglockie

    ARB size????

    How do you find this out without getting under the car?????
  11. Biglockie

    Found this on PH Found it on PH, was quite scared, not my cup of tea:sadlike:
  12. Biglockie

    Suspension arms

    The time has come as my passenger side tyre has the inside scrubbed of it, new arms all round, also in prep of this years engine work, any ideas where to get these at a decent price?? gonna replace all the arms, I know one of the ball joints is knocking so i wanna replace all the arms at once or...
  13. Biglockie

    Anyone usinin W/M injection??

    Been looking at this kit for W/M injection From here It'll be fitted when the big turbo is put in place, just wondering if anyone has had any dealing with these systems in general
  14. Biglockie

    F*@@?: car jacks

    got a flat on sunday morning so blew the tyre up, drove home potterd around for a bit went out to the car and the rear tyre is down again, got the spare out, put the jack under lifted the car turned round to ge tht ewhell key and the ****** jack slipped dropping the car and pushing its self...
  15. Biglockie

    Central locking fuse blowing.

    The central locking fuse keep blowing after its rained I've serached and found a similiar thread saying that it might be due to ingress of water if a drain point is blocked gonna check all the drains tonight, anyone else had a similiar problem?? Lockie
  16. Biglockie

    Headlight washers not working

    As most of you know I've got an S4 front bumper, the headlight washers have suddenly stopped working, are they electrically operated or do they work on pressure from the pump?? does any one know where the pump is?? cheers lockie
  17. Biglockie

    New front end

    Loving it guys!!!!
  18. Biglockie

    Bottom arm bushes

    Just ordered a full set of inner and outer gen OEM parts, £53.62, not too bad, just need to fit em now
  19. Biglockie

    expensive brakes!!

    Check these out!!!!
  20. Biglockie

    Compressor maps

    Anyone got a copy of the K03 map, I've got one but its poor quality cheers Chris