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  1. abusaddique

    For Sale Audi s3 bola alloys & Rs3 after market grille

    I have 19" gloss Black audi s3 bola alloys 8.5J for sale. Gloss black Gyeon quarts ceramic coat for 3 years Without tyres £550 Audi rs3 aftermarket grille. (UK manufactured) for face-lift models £200
  2. abusaddique

    S3 FL powder coating wheels?

    Thinking of powder coating my 10 spoke alloys to black. Currently have the FL ara blue S3. Can't seem to find any pictures online, your guys thoughts and opinions would be helpful. They currently also have yellow calipers, too much clash?
  3. abusaddique

    My Audi S3 8V

    Decided to get my calipers done in porsche yellow, here is a couple pictures
  4. abusaddique

    Calipers colour change

    I have the ara blue FL S3 with the V spoke wheels currently with black calipers. Was thinking of getting them painted possibly red or even yellow. What are all your thoughts on it? Couldn't justify £325 from audi to pay the amount for a coat of red paint
  5. abusaddique

    Recognised exhaust or custom made

    What are your thoughts on an exhaust system Would you go for a miltek, BCS etc or a custom made one. If anyone has either any recommendations would be helpful
  6. abusaddique

    Audi S3 lease - mods

    i tried searching for older threads but didnt really find many responses does anyone have a leased S3/A3 that theyve modded. I was thinking of getting a full miltek system. may get a res delete if the miltek works out too much. moving it back to stock once my lease is finished and returning...
  7. abusaddique

    Audi S3 FL mpg problem

    hi guys, ive had my new S3 just under a month now and ive seen that my MPG is drastically under what the books say, im averaging 17mpg since ive got it. All be it, it hasnt all been sensible driving tried testing a 25 mile motorway journey in efficiency mode at 70mph, it struggled to go above...