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    EBC brakes discount

    Good afternoon, EBC brake shop are doing a discount on orders over £100 using the code AUDI10 Thought I would post it up, it maybe of use to some one. Chris.
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    S3 suspension advice

    Hi Damien, I'm wondering if you could give me some advice about suspension? I would like to upgrade my S3 8L suspension and have been reading many, many threads and reports on this subject. I run 18 Hanzo's and have a reiger body kit. The car seems low with this kit so I have to be careful with...
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    S3 electrics failure

    Hello, As the title states I seem to have had a major failure with my vehicles electrics. The wife and myself were out in the car the other night and she was driving. It was evening time, so it was dark and the vehicles lights were in use. When we got home she went to reverse into the drive way...