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  1. JamS3

    Wheres gone?

    Not sure mate but I tried a couple of days ago too and could not get on!
  2. JamS3

    top gear tonight

    I heard he is putting the F1 car round the track? It was in the paper special permission had to be granted from Ron Dennis and the local council due to the noise regs! May not be true.....
  3. JamS3

    Tuned S3

    Thats what all the motoring press and reviews have said inc Audi driver but at that size (431mm) I have my doubts! Think the fronts are 345mm from another review that I can remember...
  4. JamS3

    Is this illegal in England?

    Yes illegal as upside down, 180 degrees or whatever is classed as misrepresentation and not the "norm"!
  5. JamS3

    Can you tell if the car is locked from the keyfob?

    No mate you are right because Iv'e been wondering how this works too. I saw this on the Audi Channel on sky when they were looking over the new S3 with Penny Mallory. The head Audi guy with her mentioned this on the key fob but unlike everything else he mentioned (how the windows go up and...
  6. JamS3

    God damn speeding ticket

    Its also up to individual police force policy in what they offer endorsable ticket and to which speed attracts a summons to court, a endorsable ticket is only a conditional offer and people who get one may get prosecuted by means of summons etc (not accepting ticket when get home, not...
  7. JamS3

    New 2.5 TFSI engine

    They never get things right, the "exclusive" S3 pic they had ages ago look nothing like the S3....
  8. JamS3


    That sounds like a whole series worth not a episode!!
  9. JamS3

    New 2.5 TFSI engine

    I reported this a while ago when i heard it. Only thing is though Audi will only ever produce one RS model at a time so will be a long wait if it ever comes out! Dont forget the 3.6 engine from the up and coming Golf R36 too...
  10. JamS3

    Driver's Licence question.

    If its not applied for he will get done for driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, sometimes people are disqualified until rest past therefore even more trouble if he is one of those!
  11. JamS3

    Driver's Licence question.

    Like mitch says, usually extended test or at least have to apply for licence as it will show expired if stopped by police.
  12. JamS3

    New Bugatti Veyron

    The alu panels will get nicked like the S3 mirrors! Keep a eye on ebay....
  13. JamS3

    Audi TT vs Audi S3...which is a better buy?

    Have a search mate, this has been discussed to death! Look in the 8L S3 forum though!
  14. JamS3

    Speed camera vans Cumbria

    I would think that the nature of the area ie the lakes etc would contirbute to the amount of speeders in the area with all the tourists and bikes going out for a blast etc. They must get thousands of extra cars and bikes in the area just for the touristy bits! Didn't know about the grants...
  15. JamS3

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    Once again we are talking about VIEWS, the whole arguement was never about what people thought it was about fact and whether you would get prosecuted or not. Of course people may think it is dangerous and are rightly entitled to do so but in a court there is no way on this earth that is would...
  16. JamS3

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    This is the last word... Driving round a roundabout in the wrong lane with no collision/injury NO (like you eventually admit above) Just like you thought the highway code was law when its not and you eventually realised that!
  17. JamS3

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    Andy Like i said before I have specific knowledge and tranining in law so believe me i know what i'm talking about. I'm glad you said "its pretty dangerous if it results in a death" because this is just a example of a persons opinion, the act itself could have been a pure total accident...
  18. JamS3

    England vs Germany - Predictions?

    Me too!
  19. JamS3

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    I dealt with a case where someone was not looking where they were going whist driving (floor roof anywhere but forward), dangerous you would THINK (the key word being THINK here as that is what people are doing, it is their opinions. However courts and results are based on fact not what people...
  20. JamS3

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    No way dangerous whatsoever! There is no way you would ever get a prosecution for dangerous driving by doing that in court, I would put my car and salary on it.