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    Sourcing OEM brake pad shims

    These parts?
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    Another Black Badge Question.

    Hi Guys, Yes i supplied a set to a customer with a pre FL and he had a issue with the mount on the FL badges.If there has been a resolution found please let me know as we sell a lot of these badges. Thanks
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    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    Sorry i've only just seen this thread,if you need any help please drop me a pm. Thanks
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    Rear Diff Oil Change.?

    Hi, G052145s2 is indeed the rear "Axle Oil" not Haldex. We can supply that for £29.00 and 1ltr is all that's required. Thanks
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    Genuine Audi RS Scripted Front And Rear Carpet Floor Mats

    Genuine Audi RS Scripted Front And Rear Carpet Floor Mats Soul Black and Crescendo Red Front and rear (not available separate) Fit 2017- RS3 Models £370.00 Inc VAT and UK postage Delivery will take around 5-8 working days
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    "RS3" Gloss Black Badges

    Yes guys still available,drop me a pm @Nickyc @RGBARGEE @millsy75 @rs3 muscle Thanks
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    Hi, @LukeRS3 that part number is for a small wing bracket..... Thanks @AudiNutta @DW81
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    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4

    Thanks for the feedback @T-800
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    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4

    Hi, @A_Davison i think has been some issues with them not clipping on to the front grill correctly. I may be wrong........... Thanks
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    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4
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    Smoked tail light options?

    Hi, @Bonstio drop me a pm with your REG or Chassis and ill see if Audi do them for car. Thanks
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    Genuine Audi 8V RS3 Front Crash Bar Black Cover

    Hi, May be of interest to some members running no front plate etc.... Disguises the front silver Aluminium crash bar. £44.00 Inc Postage
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    Genuine Gearbox Service Kits - Crewe Audi

    Some great offers on Genuine Audi DSG gearbox service kits For enquiries please message me direct Thanks
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    Sportback RS3 Headlamp Part NO?

    @AmirRS if you need a new headlamp drop me a email or pm i may have one cheap......
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    Crewe Audi - RS3 Disc And Pad Group Buy

    Hi, I have seen quite a few "posts" and "threads" regarding pads and disks in this section and wondered if it was worth me and members in me doing a group buy to get the price down even more. It could be disc and pad kit or the parts seperate,whatever you guys would find better. Any feedback...
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    Rs3 paddle shifters

    Hi, Thanks @Sandra @DW81 part number is 8W0951523S INZ drop me a pm if you want a price. Thanks
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    "RS3" Gloss Black Badges

    Thanks @deepy and @Phil3 both look awesome!
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    Genuine Volkswagen "GoPro" Headrest Holder

    Hi Guys, Spotted this on the VW Ekta,does not list it for a Audi but surely Audi manual headrest are the same as VW? Kit includes the holder for around the headrest poles and the arm which fits the go pro. "Capture the best trouble-free moments when driving using the Action camera holder from...
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    "RS3" Gloss Black Badges

    @Sug pm replied to mate!