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  1. WOLF

    18" Avus on 8P

    My A4 on Avus 18" painted in anthracite.Great wheels and so easy to clean:D
  2. WOLF

    Alarm problems

    the siren in the boot is common to fail due to the batteries in it,my b6 did this randomly,a used siren sorted it out.
  3. WOLF

    Getting wing mirrors sprayed silver

    buy yourself a can and save money and do it yourself;)
  4. WOLF

    *Advice/Warning to fellow Audi A3 8P3 owners with 100w bulbs*

    ive had 100w bulbs crazed my headlight lens on a bora I had so I stay clear
  5. WOLF

    Aluminium Tax Disc Holder - whats it good for now?

    keep it until you see a local politician and throw it at him......?:thumbs up:
  6. WOLF

    Genuine wheels? Audi A3

    Will have the audi four rings logo and a part number starting with 8EO in the alloy on the back possibly on one of the spokes,.
  7. WOLF

    Why Does The Corsa Vxr Have Better Acceleration?

    Look at it this way,in the time for you both to have your drag race his will have depreaciated quicker than yours:D
  8. WOLF

    Anyone Good With Photoshop?

    As soon as the wheels are on i'll get a picture up straight away.Heres two ive just finished painting:) the moment the cars got a set of scabby wheels on :rolleyes:
  9. WOLF

    Anyone Good With Photoshop?

    ill get a link for you princess..........
  10. WOLF

    Anyone Good With Photoshop?

    Ive just done my S4's anthracite and pleased with them so a good call
  11. WOLF

    Anyone Good With Photoshop?

    Brenn's your man......
  12. WOLF

    Alloys on finance

    more sensible than buying alloys with a high APR and owing more than alloys are worth!
  13. WOLF

    Venom Motorsport GREAT service

    Did they send the right springs..............i bought some off venom some years back,fitted to my bora and the front was on it @rse,they'd sent the wrong springs.......i wasnt happy:mad:
  14. WOLF

    POLL: Which 19 Set to use ? ? * Pic *

    For me definatley the top ones,they are great and looks well.
  15. WOLF

    Mobile police units

    Then we'd have no speeding fines to worry about:whistle2:
  16. WOLF

    Mobile police units

    There is a solution here................Dont speed...........simples!:yes::laugh:
  17. WOLF

    What can I do to my a3

    Lol only kidding mate
  18. WOLF

    What can I do to my a3

    Sell it and buy an A4:yes::p:laugh:
  19. WOLF


    Looking at the second picture its obviously show at a breakers yard but theres no 'contact details' in the listing where you'd expect to see location ,name of company and telephone number! I would have been cautious by this.........:noway:
  20. WOLF

    What warranty company are you with??

    There not worth the paper there written on!:whistle2::iagree: