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  1. jamey0512

    Time to sell your s3?

    Hello, i have only owned my s3 for a few months and its going already! I would be crazy not to sell it and maybe you too. I owe 32k on the car and its been sold to motorrange for 38k!! Massive 6k profit on the car! I heavily suggest anyone whos thinking about selling up to get your car valued...
  2. jamey0512

    This s3….

    Ive had the car a good few months now and im slowly getting down the list of things to do… the car has been totally blacked out, every bit if chrome has been wrapped gloss black to go with the paint. Badges swapped over to the black ones and the exhaust has been swapped to a miltek non res back...
  3. jamey0512

    Mmi box

    Has anybody bothered with getting a veehive or anything else along the lines of that? Netflix and youtube going through the cars screen?
  4. jamey0512


    Has anybody had their car blacked out yet? Ive been quoted £700 to black all the chrome and paint the side bits on the doors because the vynl doesnt stick to it well apparently, worst thing about it is that this price doesn’t even include the grill! Help!!
  5. jamey0512

    ABT stage 1

    The longer other garages dont create a stage 1 for a reasonable price the more im pulled towards the ABT £3k offer. Im wondering if audi would appreciate and take the car back knowing its ABT tuned though and not just tuned by the local garage kinda thing. Does anyone know if thats true? If so...
  6. jamey0512

    Air induction kit

    Finally got my s3 yesterday, gets real hot, fast. This being my first performance car i was expecting it to be abit more, crazy. It needs a new induction kit, remap and exhaust asap! Can anybody help me find a induction kit please?
  7. jamey0512

    I need help...

    I need help from the modded community. Im receiving the S3 saloon shortly and I’m after a few things which im hoping people have already done or wanting to do themselves and can point me in the right direction. Ill write a list and if people could reply with what they know that would be great...
  8. jamey0512

    TDI-Tuning chip.

    Hello, Im switching from ford focus to s3 saloon 2020 and i think im gonna be bringing my tdi chip with me as i cant find no one who can remap the ecu yet. Has anyone else used any sort of chip to ‘increase power’