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  1. J

    cambelt and waterpump replacement guide

    much appreciated samisnake.
  2. J

    cambelt and waterpump replacement guide

    hi all Would someone be kind enough to email me a workshop pdf guide to changing a cambelt and waterpump for the following car. Audi a3 tdi cr170 with engine code CBBB. Many thanks
  3. J

    emission recall

    Thanks for all replies. I am picking the car up on friday and going striaght into my garage fot the following: 1) Sump off for clean 2) egr off and clean 3) intake manifold off and clean 4) full service oil, oil and fuel filter, pollen filter 5) full wash and detail weather permitting 6) fit...
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    emission recall

    Many thanks Retroman I ended up buying the car as it was too good to miss. I have a 2007 a3 tdi 170 sline 3door and have been looking for a sportback with options. I bought a phantom black 2010 sportback sline sp edition cr170 CBBB 49,00o mls with 2 owners and fash. With following options...
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    emission recall

    Hi all Loking for some technical help regarding the audi emission recall. Planning to go see a a3 sportback blackedition tdi 170 on a 2010 plate and the car has had the recall carried out. My question is can it be removed if i had the dpf and egr deleted and ecu remapped? Does this model have...
  6. J

    temperature issues

    Many thanks for the replies. I have just come back from round trip to stanstead and car is running with no issues. It must be normal and was nothing ever wrong with it, just me being over concious. Never mind at least it has a new thermostat and fresh coolant now as the original was a 2007 date...
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    temperature issues

    Hi Still not found a cure yet. I have been driving the around town with no issues with engine temp gauge sits at 90 and the car warms upto 90 with in 10mins of driving, the oil temp rises as normal and i have good heating. There is no temp light coming on. The head was replaced by Audi 4yrs...
  8. J

    temperature issues

    Hi All Sorry for the long winded explanation. Need some help diagnosing a temperature problem on my 2007 audi a3 tdi 170 (BMN eng code). The issue started when sitting stationary in traffic the temp gauge started to drop down approx 75-80 deg but would increase back to normal 90 deg and then...
  9. J

    oil pressure figures

    Hi does anyone know what the oil pressure figures should be for a 2007 a3 tdi 170 BMN engine code. Many thanks
  10. J

    2.0 bkd cylinder head fuel line

    Hi I had the same thing on mine took a few cranks to fire up or primed it a couple of times then fired up when left over night and got worse if left for a week. It has been like this for 4 years. A few weeks back the battery went flat so I replaced it with a new one and the problem has gone for...
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    low oil level warning (yellow)

    Hi just wondering if anyone can shed light to following issue. Audi a3 tdi 170 BMN 2007 I checked the oil in the morning before setting off, while on the road the yellow oil light comes on with message saying check oil level. I stopped the car and waited 10 min and checked the oil still showing...
  12. J

    passenger door entry

    Has anyone got a wiring schematic for the passenger side lock mechanism? i have gained access to the plug so will be able to figure it out. thanks
  13. J

    passenger door entry

    my local breakers yard has an audi a3 with power folding mirrors but unfortunately the passenger door is locked, is there any other way of opening the door to get to the mirror? i have managed to prise the door card but no joy.
  14. J

    quick thanks

    Hi Just a quick thank you to Rick for all the tech help over the phone and deleting the dfp and egr cycles. Had to send the ecu as the car was off the road due to rough running and smoking but looks promising as not smoking on idle and acrid smell has gone. Audi a3 tdi 170. Many thanks Jay
  15. J

    turbo issue

    Hi can anyone recomend a turbo specialist in essex? I need my turbo looked at as it is leaking oil from exhaust side. The car is an audi a3 tdi sline 170. the turbo is a Garrett GT1749VC P/N 757042-15. Many thanks Jay
  16. J

    sick car

    Hi hope someone can help.... I have an a3 tdi170 2007 car with the following issue( sorry for the long post) Drove to local shops about 10 min drive and while parking noticed smoke coming from the engine bay, opened the bonnet and saw smoke from the dpf area and looked liked something has got...
  17. J

    Air Con Guru Required

    Hi I had a recent aircon issue. Had econ light intermittantly on so had it regassed but still the same, I looked into the forum and found common issue is the g65 pressure sensor fails the problem with mine was that the senseor was leaking internally. I have changed the sensor and had the car...
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    help with coding

    Hello. I have just finished fitting a mfsw to my car and need assistance with coding. The car is audi a3 tdi sline 2007 with factory cruise. I have checked the steering wheel ecu and is an "F" flavour and the slipring is a "D" flavour which through checking various mfsw posts are correct. If...
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    Fuel Pump Prime

    hi mine is the same it only primes when you switch it on. The issue i have is if i don't use the car for a few days it will not start straight away, it takes a coulple of cranks to fire up. So what i do now is to prime it a few times and it fires on the first crank.
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    bluetooth retrofit

    Hi starboy I went looking through all the guides on the forum and have fabricated and installed the bluetooth myself. NHN advised that the system needed coding but strangley on mine i powered it up scanned for the device and connected straight away with no errors. I have been using it for a...