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  1. S3-Oski

    Detail er in Essex?

    Hi , I am after someone who can detail my B7 Rs4,Inside and out and machine polish etc located in Essex? Any one recommend anyone? thanks
  2. S3-Oski

    Best Audi Specialist in Essex?

    Hi I'm looking for an Audi specialist in Essex, for a few bits for the future maybe a map and power test on my B7 RS4, I have used "4rings" but doubt they could power test and map, I have heard AMD are very good? are there any more? Thanks
  3. S3-Oski

    RS4, South Woodham Ferris,

    I saw today a silver/grey RS4! Looked a nice clean one:)
  4. S3-Oski

    Oil Question??

    Hi, I went to get a top up bottle from my car shop today, because the one in the boot is near empty, They only had Castrol edge fully synthetic 5 30 The one in the boot was the same but shell Helix, They both have the same oil codes on the label would it be ok to use the Castrol the car...
  5. S3-Oski

    Best Alloy cleaner?

    Hi, I have recently got a new car, and noticed the wheels inside the rim are quite dirty I tried to clean them down today, but really need to take them off and clean them with a strong+but safe wheel cleaner, any recommendations? thanks
  6. S3-Oski

    Sprint Blue RS4 B7 cleaning products?

    Hi, Im after some cleaning products, for my Audi in the color Sprint Blue. I Wondered if anycan can recommend some good products polish+ sealant etc. Thankyou:)
  7. S3-Oski

    Hi new RS4 owner from Essex!

    Hi I traded in my S3 the other day and now have a Rs4, all I can say is wow! May be asking a few questions about it in the next few weeks cheers!
  8. S3-Oski

    Bye S3.

    Hi I don't post on here too much, But have finally traded my S3 in, quite sad to see it go to be honest, it was a great car in the 4 odd years I have had it, i would like to say thanks to those who have been very help full on here, I have another Audi though so all is good, Cheers
  9. S3-Oski

    Hpi checks?

    Hi could anyone direct me to a good Hpi check online site? There seem to be loads, i just wondered if they all get their information from the same source? Thanks
  10. S3-Oski

    2006-2007 difference?

    Hi, I am after the differences in spec from 2006 -2007 shape, that affected the rs4. is it the headlights? thanks
  11. S3-Oski

    RS4 B7 Advice?

    Hi all, I am hopefully trading in my S3 for a B7RS4 Next weekend, but would like some advice on what to look for, Its from a very good garage, and looks immaculate, Im told there are no carbon issues as I know this can be something they suffer from, I may leave a refundable deposit on it...
  12. S3-Oski

    Out of these cars what would you choose???

    Hi I am now looking for a new car, having enjoyed my Audi 8l S3 for 3-4 years now, I was defiantly going to replace it with an 8p S3 but have decided on a bigger car now. If you had 20k to spend on a car, insurance and fuel not a problem, The cars that I have alot of interest in are, Audi...
  13. S3-Oski

    E60 M5

    Hi has anyone here ever owned one of these? What do you think of them. ,I am currently looking for a new car, and always fancied one of these, Cheers
  14. S3-Oski

    EVO 9, MR FQ340, MR FQ 360

    Hi there has anyone here owned or been in one of these, If so what are your views on them, Thanks
  15. S3-Oski

    Hi a quick question about a hose.

    Hi there I have had trouble with my hose from the turbo to charge pipe Keep popping off. Some some said said to get a new one as they perish around the lip where the clip sits, I have taken the old on off, and sure enough half the lip has broken off at some point, I will up loads some...
  16. S3-Oski

    Blue/Black s3 On m25 Sunday 08/01/12

    Saw someone on the M25 in an S3 who slowed down and waved wondered if it was anyone from here.
  17. S3-Oski

    Turbo Hose blew off,

    Hi all The other day, my car was making a whooshing sound on boost, and very slow to accelerate I noticed that the big red pipe that comes from the turbo to the metal pipe, sorry don't know the name of it, Had come away at the metal pipe end,and half slipped under the jubilee clip, I thought...
  18. S3-Oski

    Jewellery insurance .

    Hi does anyone here know of anywhere that will insure jewellery like say a watch. has anyone had this done, cheers,
  19. S3-Oski

    S5 or new shape s3.

    Hi there, If you all had a choice out of the two what would it be and why, And if Mileage was not a problem cheers,
  20. S3-Oski

    Anyone know the best, game site for pre-ordering.

    Hi as above going to pre order battlefield and mw3, and want them delivered to my house, cheers,