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  1. mckay9uk

    S4 skirt fitting

    If you get the brackets can you post the part no's please. Thanks
  2. mckay9uk

    S4 B5 door mouldings

    Cheers Mark, I thought about trimming them down i've managed to track some down but they want £150 plus post i think i will trim them down i've spent enough recently ! i'll be in touch next week i'm off work again tomorrow having an Audi day ! .Cheers
  3. mckay9uk

    S4 B5 door mouldings

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any of the other Audi range door mouldings can be modified to fit as an alternative to the S4 lower door moudlings, to replace the standard one's on my A4 to match the sideskirts i will be fitting, as i dont want to have to pay over £300 for the original ones from...
  4. mckay9uk

    Help! Oil pressure warning symbol!

    Hi, Does anyone know if teh big filter will fit mine ? i'm changing the oil tommorow.
  5. mckay9uk

    Is it just me or......

    Totally agree i've loved the B5 since they were first introduced and i promised myself one which i acheived 5 years ago it was a refreshing change from the 80 shape(Nearly bought 1) which i think has aged and looks dated but it's still a good car. I fully intend to keep my A4 that is why i...
  6. mckay9uk

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    The car feels sooo much quicker, you can pick the PES G2's up for reasonable money now you can pick them up for 1G the only thing to consider is the petrol consumption which will drop down to the teens if you boot it I've been advised on SC Audi, some of the guys have been beating standard S4's...
  7. mckay9uk

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    Hi Mark, I'm doing your mirrors today now I've done my car ! I'll be in touch over the week
  8. mckay9uk

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    Hi All, I've still got the S4 sills still to fit and I've got some S4 lower door trim to come next week and colour code and the rear bumper as well, like a numpty i jacked the car into a post in the garage and damaged the n/s rear arch i'm taking those fake silver mirror's off as well and...
  9. mckay9uk

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    My refurbed wheels are being delivered tommorow i'll post some shots of mine over the weekend.
  10. mckay9uk

    Zimmermann brake discs

    I've got Zimmerman disks all round bought from G+S i use them with Greenstuff Pads all round, good combination a tiny bit squeaky when cold thats my only complaint. But good responsive brakes with plenty of feel.
  11. mckay9uk

    Project RS28

    Well done very interesting build, i need to post my project up but i didnt do any in progress shots as it's taken me 3 years ! next month i'll post. I need to see what you're doing with the sideskirts as i have some original S4 skirts that i want to put on my car i was going to put the S4 lower...
  12. mckay9uk

    2.4 V6 30v secondary air solenoid

    Sussed it, it was a dirty MAF gave it a good old blast with carb cleaner that has fixed it good and proper my car rev's like a bike and the supercharger whine on the top end is addictive !! I'm in love again !
  13. mckay9uk

    anthricite colour codes

    It doesnt really matter, you can do them the RS6+ Anthracite or a dark Anthracite or a light one, i think a lighter one shows the wheels off esp if it's a darker colour on the car, or a darker one if it's a lighter color. I've decided on a dark anthracite on my Sprint blue A4 5 spoke 18" wheels...
  14. mckay9uk

    just a little bit pee'd off

    That sucks man, it might be easier, quicker and cheaper to just change the whole lump to a 2.8. i've just Supercharged my 2.4 i'm a little bit concerned that the waterpunp wasnt changed when the belt was done about 20k ago but it was done about 8k before that i might be in the same boat in a few...
  15. mckay9uk

    2.4 V6 30v secondary air solenoid

    Hi All, if you trace the vaccumm pipes they connect to 2 solenoids above the throttle body, one is blue this is the inlet temp solenoid, one is green this is the secondary air solenoid, my car only has the blue one, i have seen other 2.4's with them both and this confuses me i cant find out...
  16. mckay9uk

    2.4 V6 30v secondary air solenoid

    Hi, I have a 2.4 v6 30v A4 B5 i always thought this car was vrtually identical to the 2.8 apart from the fact that the 2.8's were 4WD and the 2.4s FWD after very recently fitting a supercharger i am having difficulty in completing the secondary air solenoid vaccum set up to the supercharger...