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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    Reversing off the drive in a hurry yesterday and my door mirror caught the gatepost, so it's bent it all the way forward. So the mirror bit is now facing away from the car. I can't see any actual damage though. Anyone happen to know whether it's just a case of forcing it back again? I've tried...
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    Got keyless entry/start?

    Don't leave your keys near the front of your house.. Essentially thieves have now got a way of picking up the signal from the key inside the house using a very sensitive 'dish' and then transmitting it (or...
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    Does your car beep now and again?

    Mine does. Perhaps once a week, no apparent pattern to it, no apparent problem, nothing comes up on screen, just a single beep ?!!
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    How often do you use Launch Control?

    I've had my RS3 a couple of years now and I think I've used it about 5 times, always in a demo to someone else. I just can't imagine using it in any other scenario really, especially as I doubt it does the car any good!
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    Is this anyone on here :-(

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    Does anyone have the roof bars manual please?

    I bought some roof bars from eBay but there's no manual. They're the ones for the cars with roof rails already installed (8V4071151). I can't find the manual online sadly. Does anyone else have a copy they can scan? I believe it's only a few pages. Thanks
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    Driving with the boot open

    Not properly open obviously! But this is definitely worth a try: * Take your parcel shelf out. * Open your boot and gently close it so that it catches on the latch. You should find that it has about 5mm of play but it won't open. Your boot open warning will show though. * Put your car in...
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    Do you race?

    There's been a spate of this in Manchester this year. Take it easy, you have nothing to prove. "Two ‘show-off’ motorists who raced each other at speeds of more than 80mph in...
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    What other Audi merchandise/tat have you bought?

    I got this watch This wallet This t-shirt
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    Getting launch control counter with VCDS?

    Anyone done this? I tried to do this on my RS3 yesterday but we couldn't find it. We followed various different instructions we found in different forums, but it's like the codings are different. One said to find #511 in the advanced measuring blocks of the gearbox, but when we went in, the...
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    Door/floor light 4 rings mod

    I fitted these last night. very easy to do and quite funky! They replace the existing floor light unit in the bottom of the door. Part: 4G0052133A
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    Occasional problem with manual upshifts being ignored?

    A few times now, I've been in S on the gearbox in 2nd and then floored it, then when I get to the change point, I pull the right paddle to shift up - perhaps a fraction of a second earlier than the car's sports mode otherwise would. What happens is that it switches to Manual but doesn't change...
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    Rolling Road / Dyno Day?

    Given the variance of output amongst 8V RS3s, how many people have had their cars dyno'd? Are there enough people in the Manchester area that would warrant organising a dyno day somewhere? Has anyone done one before?
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    Thinking of getting this personalised plate

    £250 gets me this: :-)
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    RS6 looking ace due to reflection :-)

    I thought this one had some ace funky styling until I realised it was a reflection of the building or a car or something..
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    Brake advice

    The brakes on my 2000 S4 are pretty worn so I'm looking to replace the discs and pads all round. Since brake fade has always annoyed me, I've figured that I'll get some Red Stuff pads, but I'm not sure about the discs. Should I just stick with stock discs, or do the different pads require...