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    My S3 review

    Hi guys, Before I sold my S3 ( :disrelieved: ) I made a review video on it - Was my first real 'review' so lot to learn, any feedback apperciated. Also did a Revo intake review, which is on my channel. Hopefully be back in a fast Audi in the near future! Kash
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    Aircon fan s3 8p

    Hi guys, Seems like the air con fan doesn't want to work anymore! Switch my econ button off (to turn aircon on) the fan does not spin and the econ button lights up red again. Car is at standstill idling. Tried same thing on mums mk2 tt, fan turns on right away and aircon kicks in while idling...
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    Sportback & 3door miltek s3

    Hi guys, 90% sure but just double checking, the sportback catback miltek will fit on a 3door but just stick out too much? Thanks
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    Wheel hub, bolt thread

    Hi guys, Managed to ruin the thread on my front left hub, so now the bolt doesnt go in right. Luckily only one thread hole. Could i try thread it from the back of the hub to sort the thread? Thanks
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    S3 Brakes - Initial bite

    Hi guys, I fitted some Brembo performance pads couple months ago, they work very well compared to OEM – Don’t fade when pushing on. However, compared to my mates OEM MK5 GTi & Mums TT MK2 the initial bite from my S3 is nothing like theirs. I appreciate the S3 is fair bit heavier, so will never...
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    Stoptech brakes - From a Mk5 GTi on S3 8P

    Hi guys, Will set of stoptech BBK bolt onto a s3 8P? Cant seem to find anything on stoptechs website... If S3 brakes bolt onto a mk5, then mk5 stuff should bolt onto a S3 right? Thanks
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    Broken dipstick!

    Hi guys, Didnt happen on my s3 but my mates. The little ball cracked and fell into the dip stick tube along with the top piece. Happened to anyone else? Sump off? Thanks
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    57 plate 8P S3 - Number plate LEDs 8P2 / OEM Audi

    Hi guys, Looking to fit the OEM 4H0 943 021 & 4H0 943 022. Will they throw an error message on my S3? Thanks
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    S3 8P map switching?

    Hi @Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. , Can you map an 8P to have 3 map settings via the cruise control? Ideally I would be after – Map 1 – OEM. Map 2 – Stage2+, reduced bhp/torque figures to save my OEM clutch for as long as I can till I get an upgraded clutch in. Map3 – Stage2+, max you can get...
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    Rev G DV noise & revo intake

    Hi guys, Fitted a rev g to the s3 a week ago, must say it has transformed the car! However, if i stab the throttle at idle to round 3000rpm when the revs drop it gives a slight pop from what sounds like the intake. Drives absolutely fine all the way to just before redline holds boost perfect...
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    N249 valve

    Hi guys, Just double checking n249 is the diverter valve? If so,06F145710G still the one to get? Thanks
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    3 door - Unlocking.

    Hi guys, A few times gone to unlock the car and nothing happens ( using the fob) I have to unlock it via the door. It will be fine for ages, then stop unlocking randomly. New battery in both fobs too. I notice the hazard button doesnt light up when trying to unlock via the key. I don't...
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    Coilovers / xenons

    Hi guys, Will be fitting my coilovers soon, will I have any issues of the lights pointing too low? Have heard Vws suffer from this once they are lowered. Car is a 2007 s3. Thanks
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    Thrust bearing - 2.0 tfsi.

    Hi guys, The biggest thing that's putting me off remapping my S3 to stage2+ is the thurst bearings going, makes the whole engine toast pretty much. I believe its when an uprated clutch is fitted(which I will need on a stage2+ map, or even stage 1), with a stiffer pressure plate pushing on the...
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    50/50 Coolant 2.0tfsi Audi S3.

    Hi guys, Does the 2.0 tfsi coolant need to be 50%water 50% coolant? How many litres does the system need?(I will be picking up distilled water) G12 only? Thanks
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    Kw coilovers - re bound

    Hi guys, Pushing down on the shock when they are off the car, the shock didnt return it just stayed in the same position. Is this normal? all 4 did the same. Presume they are oil filled? Thanks
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    MK2 TT 2.0tfsi

    Hi guys, My mums TT clutch has gone to the floor, managed it pull it back up. Is the master cylinder a common fault on these or slave cylinder ? Thanks
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    Coolant pipe - Seeping.

    Hi guys, I have a slight leak from a coolant pipe on my s3, please see attached. It is the pipe on the left hand side of the block, that sits right next to the block. Can anyone confirm where it goes to? As I cannot see due to the rear heatsheild being in the way (didnt have time to remove it...
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    Gen 3 Steering Rack - Coding.

    Hi guys, On a 2007 car, I believe you can fit a gen 3 rack with the additional harness - Will the rack work without coding? (So we can get it to someone that can code it in/would VCDS code it?) Thanks
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    Stage 1/2 - Custom mapped or/Rtech? come on in

    Hi guys, I have being going through the forum, searching endlessly regarding mapping and found very good threads on it. However I just wanted to get a rough idea what sort of power you have got from your cars, with Rtech/or a custom map from another tuner. I plan on doing the following, Cobra...