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    Xs downpipe and miltek, vibration?

    Well I decided to fit my xs downpipe and sports cat and my miltek today. The minute I'd got my car up on axle stands it starts to rain! Great start! Bit of a pain if I'm being honest as its a tight fit but it's on now so I'm glad. A Few niggly things which are anoying me though, questions to...
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    Downpipe question and remap info

    Howdy, just got myself an xs downpipe sports cat and miltek middle section and back box bit of info if I may, the old dreaded crappy downpipe. Do I need to completely remove the subframe to remove it or does it just need a few bolts undoing and allowing it to drop down an inch-ish? Dont really...
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    Audi s3 8l spring question h&r or eibachs

    Hi everyone thinking about lowering my s3 a little, before I bought my car it recently had new shockers fitted so I'm thinking about fitting either eibach or h&r springs as I don't want to drop it to much. Just not sure which to fit,don't want it to bouncy but want it to sit right will both...