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    RS Brakes

    Zap off an e-mail to BTS-Racing I'm sure they will tell you.
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    Worried about buying S1-poor paint quality

    Same here. No issues with paint or stone chips. Mines Mythos Black. They do say though that stone chips get worse the closer you are to the cars in front. I am generally passing them!
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    S1 clutch , Audi aware?

    13k on mine, no issues yet
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    shakey's S1

    Forge Intercooler is now available:
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    What VCDS Mods are worhtwhile?

    Parking sensor display works. I have had that done on mine
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    Audi A5 Facelift bonnet part number???

    2015 Bonnet is 8T0 823 029H
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    A5 3.0auto gearbox judder when put in gear ?

    You don't mention the age or mileage of the car but when was the fluid and filter changed last?
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    Newbie saying Hi!

    Hi all, Just picked up this 2014 S5 Sportback Black Edition in Racing Blue Mica. Just wanted to say hi and looking forward to trawling the forum for tips etc. Adam
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    Odd message on my radio screen

    Thanks, I have spoken to Audi but they haven't seen that message before and all working now anyway. Just curious to see if any other A5 owners have spotted it.
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    A5 Radio is Garbage

    You don't say what year but my dealer mentioned that some A5's have had problem with the factory or aftermarket tint on the rear affecting reception due to a metallic compound in the tint. Worth checking.
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    Odd message on my radio screen

    So, We have an A5 with a DAB radio and the B&O sound system. On the way back from Wales on the weekend we suddenly lost all DAB and the radio went quiet. Normally if we lose DAB reception it automatically switches to FM. The display showed a speaker symbol with a cross through it next to the...
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    Leccy window problem today

    Happened to me last week. You turned off the one touch by playing with the window switches with the ignition key in different positions. You can find the reset procedure in the manual.
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    Alloy wheel Paint code

    Hi, I'm trying to get the paint code for the grey colour that is applied to the inside of Audi alloy wheels. I have an 08 plate A4 fitted with the original 18" RS4 reps. Can you help? Thanks
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    Colour code

    Hi all, Anybody know the colour code for the interior grey colour(not the silver) of Audi alloys? I have a set of genuine RS4's on my B7 and want to touch up the wheel weights. Need to get some paint made up. Local Audi dealer can't help. Thanks
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    M5 or RS4 avant??

    B7 A4 Avant rear legroom is poor. Not sure on age of family that has to sit in back. I'm sure performance wise both cars will give the average driver more than enough of a thrill. I think however it will be the practicalities of the two that will decide it, not which is quicker top end or 0-60.
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    Wheel Paint

    Hi all, Going to be detailing the wheels on my A4 shortly. Noticed that the wheel weights stand out really badly against the interior of the wheel. Can anybody advise on the grey (not silver) colour paint needed to touch up the weights? Standard OEM RS4 alloys are fitted.
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    Authentic German Number Plate Surrounds

    Hi, Thats why mine have the GB and not the D with the tax stickers in the middle, they don't quite stand out as much.
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    Authentic German Number Plate Surrounds

    Cost me about £14 from Ebay. The plates came from Ebay as well. I have had them on for about 7 months and also had a traffic car sat behind me and they said nothing. At a distance they look like normal plates. They are genuine surrounds from Germany, plenty on Ebay for Audi's at good prices. I...
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    Authentic German Number Plate Surrounds

    These are the ones I have on my A4. Coupled with metal German style plates. Came from Ebay UK from Germany.
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    Number plate bulb

    Screw extractor or failing that drill it out and replace the bulb unit.