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    PLZ Help

    hay guys im a fairly new A3 sline 2.0tdi owner on a 58 plate, my yellow engine management like has come on a long with a yellow looking coil image. the engine management is all all the time but the coil light flickers on and off but the coal manly comes on when packing up. driving the car feels...
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    Oh no :-( I could cry

    Hi everyone was using a jet was at work to clean my black a3 58 tdi, I have taken about a bit of lackcure off the rear bumper near the top/ boot, bumper now looks aw fool what can I do to repair it / make it look new again and stop anymore coming off ?
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    Happy new year one and all quick question

    I have 58 plate A3s line 2.0 tdi on 56 tho miles, with is bad weather we had I've not used it for a week upon starting it today and driving 3 miles, when I turned car off the fan or fan noise was still goin the temp gage was at normal/ below normal due to short trip is this normal to hear this...
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    Is this normal

    Hi all happy new year to u all as some of you know I got a audi 58 plate 2.0tdi s line just want to know if its normal when locking the car on key fob the hazard button remains lit for a while after its lock is that normal ?
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    How easy is...............

    How easy is it to remove a audi a3 58 reg s line front bumper to get the head lights out ? I'm not very tech minded and don't wanna pull the bumper off to not get it back on but I need to replay a light I can't get to. Dose the whole bumper have to come off? Any advice would be greatfull ie an...
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    Grr is it me or .......

    Got some replacement lights for audi a3 58 reg off t8ups (thanks mate ) fitted fogs easy fitted high beam ok but the head lights and drl are impossible is it me I've spent last 2 hours trying to get it sorted and now I'm left with one dlr just hanging in the hole lose with normal bulb in one...
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    Replacing fogs?

    Hi all just received my up grade bulbs for my fogs. I have a 58. (Facelift) A3 sline what is the easiest way of getting access to the fog lights bulbs to replace them with out removing bumper I been told u can remove the little grill to access them. So my question is how do I removed the grill...
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    Forum shop??

    Hay looking for the forum shop as like the look of a few bits eg audi forum lanyard
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    What type of diesel do you use and is it worth the extra money ?

    Hay everyone as some of you know I'm new to this forum and have recently bought an 2.0tdi s line which I'm loving btw, never owned a diesel before. So what diesel do people use and do they notice a different s ie supermarket petrol has always been know as iffy is supermarket diesel just as iffy...
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    Single or double din?

    Hay silly question most prob but how do I know if I have a Single or double din? As I'm thinking of up grading to a sat nav I have a 58 a3 with an audi concert radio
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    Concert audi system

    Hay all had a five min play with car after work I'm not sure if I have blue tooth or on thou think I have the system I have is an audi concert I believe and on steering wheel I have a butten that looks like speaking . I own an iPhone and turned blue tooth on and found audi UHV I recived a call...
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    What do you use to keep your audi clean?

    What do you use to keep your audi clean? I have just bought a 58 plate audi in black I know black is the worse colour to keep clean so just looking for any tips ect and what the best stuff on the market is to keep her looking like she just come out a show room
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    Newer or older

    This time tomorrow night I may be the owner of a 5door 58 reg audi A3 s line 140, but are the new audis better than the the older 07 shape? I like the look of the led day light running lights is it an easy up grade ? Or do I need to buy new head light clusters ? Also can I get nice bright head...
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    Soon to be an Audi owner I hope :-)

    Hi every I'm martin, and yes I have been a part time magician lol I'm currently looking to buy my first Audi A3 S line tdi 2.0 got my eye on 2, ones a 58 plate standard s line 140 with 56.000 on clock and full audi histroy up for 12,400but have done a deal with my old...
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    Buying my first audi, looking for a few mods

    This time tomorrow night I may be the owner of a 5door 58 reg audi A3 s line 140, I like the look of the led day light running lights is it an easy up grade ? Or do I need to buy new head light clusters ? Also can I get nice bright head light bulbs that look like xenon with out coursing errors...
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    Test drove a3

    Today I test drove the Audi A3 2.0 tdi s line 58 reg with 56200 miles one owner full audi service history that I have checked, there are a few scratches on the boot lid and bumper and they are going to mop it out. For a car of this age ect serviced at 6000 miles ago is there something need to...
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    New to the Audi world advice needed ASAP

    Hi everyone I currently have an old petrol R reg BMW and I am looking to buy my first audi and my first diesel, I been looking at the Audi s lines 170 and 140, I have a budget of about 11k I don't know much at all about them. I know asking a tall order but I what as new as I can get and as low...