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  1. J

    Hi all!!!

    Hey everyone I'm new here! I just got my first car which of course must be an Audi A3 :rock: I'm a student and i worked my but off all summer for this baby. I am still however, envious at all you S3 owners. I looked at almost all the pics. Great cars lads! :thumbsup: Anyway. My 2001 1.6...
  2. J

    18" alloys on an A3... Ride comfort?

    So I'm buying new alloys for my 2001 A3 Ambiente, I have the standard 15's on at the moment and I really want 18" RS4's. I was told by some people to not get 18's on an A3, they said that the ride comfort would decrease ALOT! and I would ruin my suspension and bushings. Is this true? Has anyone...
  3. J

    Are these RS4 alloys genuine or replicas?

    I think they are the reps but I'm not sure. If they are could you post a pic of the real ones? Thanks
  4. J

    Which Alloys: RS4's or RS6's?

    Ok so I'm trying to decide what alloys to get for my 2001 black A3. I have asked my mates but I'd like an opinion from fellow a3/s3 owners. I know the rs4's are common and rs6's not so much. I just painted my brake calipers aswell :happy: So, which alloys? what alloys do you have on yours...
  5. J

    Anyone know about these lights?

    Ok, so I found this car on a car sales website, and I love the lights and really want them for my 2001 A3. I e-mailed the seller regarding the lights and he said he bought the car with them on it and does not know about them. I have searched many online shops for them but cannot find them. If...