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    Borg Warner EFR turbo anyone here using them on their S3? Alternatives?

    G'day Lads, As the topic says, Anyone running them on a S3? Asking this on behalf of a good friend of mine who's got a 2L stroker, etc etc..pretty much the works except he's having a hard time selecting a turbo. It's like the 7670 he's after. Alternatively(last resort) is to run the garrett...
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    APU bottom end vs AJL bottom end and ADR head Qs

    G'day lads, I have a massive trouble finding a decent AEB, let alone an AJL long block. FYI, I'm building a motor with a goal of 350whp on a dyno dynamics dyno(aka the heart breaker dyno cause it reads low). I've got all the hardware to reach the numbers but need the motor to stay together. I...
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    Unable to contact Rick?

    Writing on behalf of a friend who's having a hard time trying to get hold of Rick. Has anyone had trouble reaching him lately? Rick, if you're reading this, James Carrington from Gold Coast Australia is trying to get hold of you for the last 2 weeks about remote tuning an ME3.8. He's got the...
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    Koni coilover ride height adjustment issues

    Hi everyone, I have installed a pair of Koni coilovers up front for my A4 and came across a strange(to me) issue. Prior to the installation, I measured and set the height from the base of the thread to the top part of the spring platform. I decided with 1 inch for my LH front and 1.1inch for...
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    Help!! Over heating problems on 8L 1.8T.

    Hi guys, Need your opinion and suggestion on this. Here's the deal and I'll try to make it as detailed as possible. Bro in law drives an A3 1.8T 2001 model(AUM engine) and on the way to work, the coolant temperature sensor's flange(only found out at a later stage) decided to crack and the...
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    Vehicle Speed sensor problems.

    Hi Guys, I have a 2001 Audi A3 1.8T FWD 8L and the speedo went dead. I got it hooked up on an OBD scan tool(no access to a VAG-Com at the moment) and it says "implausible signal". I purchased a new unit from ECS tuning and fitted them myself. I was surprised to find out the speedometer's still...