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  1. yellowgti

    Fathers rights ??

    my ex had our child 14 weeks premature at 12:04 early hours this morning however my ex being the way she is doesnt want me near so as he is in intensive care and will be now for around 3 months what rights do i have to see my child? all i get is these 2 pics sent from her fone to my dad and...
  2. yellowgti

    im back.....

    hi guys just like to say that after more than 9 months of no audi im back ;) as some of you know me n vicki split up just before christmas and she kept the car however yesterday me and the "new missus" picked up an audi a3 in a seemingly rare colour, its a bit older and none turbo but its a...
  3. yellowgti

    fmic fitting help?

    anybody fitted one of these ebay fmic's to there a3 1.8t...
  4. yellowgti

    **Quattro Update**

    would just like to say that just before christmas me and vicki went our seperate ways but now have sorted ourselves out and are back together so will now be at shows and meets once again, obviously she didnt like cleaning the car herself so i took over especially on the polished wheels...
  5. yellowgti

    jobs scams!! beware

    youve all heard of the ebay il buy ur car for my friend who isnt in the country for £3000 more than its worth etc... now theyve started doing it on job search sites....... a friend just sent me this asking for advice..... We are looking for someone to get the children ready in the morning...
  6. yellowgti

    wheres bigbhp gone?

    anybody know where midland performance has gone only i had my quattry remapped for £230 down at vw festival at santapod last year and i think the re-map has died and now there nowhere to be seen getting kind of worried now as id like to have it checked to make sure its still...
  7. yellowgti

    snow tyres??

    what tyres or chains would be the best for the snow at this time of year and does anybody already have them? any ideas of cost? cheers guys
  8. yellowgti

    woohoo audi drivers mag ;)

    here we go, thanks kindly to miss viper who pm'd me saying we were in lol just scanned it in to the computer to show you guys, well chuffed with it...
  9. yellowgti

    Stolen seat XR08XJJ

    just wondering if anybody knows who this vehicle belongs to? its a seat alhambra, grey colour, 2.0tdi reg, XR08XJJ and its from newcastle under lyme, also has a lovely set of 17's on it, some well known 15 year old ***** wheel spinning and handbrake turning a car just stopped outside my house...
  10. yellowgti

    baby p...x

    me n vic nearly cried reading about what happened to this poor baby. and tbh i think social services should be ashamed of themselves. i think its disgusting. basically a baby (who cannot be named for legal reasons) was tortured and abused, he was on the AT RISK register with social services but...
  11. yellowgti


    well got a big problem with the quatty now, missus took the car to work, (not very well) but thinking of the extra money for xmas as you do and on her way out of the carpark, reversed the rear drivers quarter and bottom of the bumper into a post, however this has creased and rippled the quarter...
  12. yellowgti

    new turbo any good?

    just wondering if you guys think this is worth buying or not and how easy would it be to fit it myself? regards ant & vic k03...
  13. yellowgti

    as if weve not got enough problems!

    as if we havnt got enough problems with the turbo playing up on the quatty today in broad daylight has been under the car and cut the petrol pipes to pinch the fuel out of the car! of course nobodys seen anything but in the last couple of weeks over 6 cars on the estate have been vandalised and...
  14. yellowgti

    winter toy?

    Had my offer and my compo should be cleared in my bank within the next 2 weeks so im looking for a toy for me and vic what you reckon to these? obviously im looking at pretty nippy non turbo cars, after the current problems with the audi i think im better off not having a turbo car, going keep...
  15. yellowgti

    help please!!!!

    rite guys a bit of a problem with the audi, couple of weeks ago i took the intercooler off and emptied a cup full of oil out of it, i did that because it was smoking a bit when boosting anyway tonight its almost refused to start up and theres hardly any boost in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear plus when...
  16. yellowgti

    Quattro on steroids?

    here we go, just put my spacers back on ;-) any comments welcome
  17. yellowgti

    intercooler full of oil?

    ok guys im a bit of a mechanic and know how to strip and re-build my dubs, just after a 2nd opinion, since i had mine remapped to 215bhp its got slower and slower and i noticed when i rev it up i get a little smoke so yesterday i took off my standard fmic to find at least a cup full of nasty...
  18. yellowgti

    dropping subframe?

    Hi, just wonderd if anybody could give me a bit of advice on dropping the subframe on the 1.8t quattro, i had fitted 2 weeks ago front passenger side wishbone track rod end and rack end however the garage is too far away from home to take back, since then i have had a clicking from the fron...
  19. yellowgti

    Boost Guage Fitted

    Here we go fitted it myself, now arnt i a clever boy ;-) Any questions or further pictures feel free to ask,
  20. yellowgti

    boost guage fitted ;-)

    Here we go, a lovely boost guage that autotorque in wrexham kindly gave to me on saturday ;-) All fitted and working correctly, its re-mapped boosting at 17psi and ive been told that standard its about 4psi!