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    A38P dashboard lights are dead/flicker problem :(

    Hi Guys, Car: audi a3 8p 56plate 2.0TDI I've searched and found that many people have had this problem but i can't find a definitive cause. My dashboard/cluster lights have decided to die on me. So no rev, speedo, fuel, temp, digital display etc BUT all the warning lights and indicator lights...
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    Has anyone bought the welldone A3 Xenon headlights?

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a plug & play solution for Xenon headlights on my A38P ( 56/ 2006 ) and can only see these as a solution - Has anyone bought them? Thanks, any help much appreciated. Mr J
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    Can't find a DIY for fitting my H&R springs...

    hey guys, Has anyone got a link or know of a DIY i can follow when fitting my H&R springs on my 06 A3 Tdi-SLine? Can't find anything at all! Major question i have is whether the pinch bolts need to come out, someone was saying that they dont and i can just remove some body plugs and undo some...
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    Need help finding front axle it on this?

    Hi guys, Im trying to find the front axle weight of the car ( so i know what springs i need to buy ), is it on the engine bay sticker? :think: This... thanks kj
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    What size tyres should i go for? 19x8.5 ET45

    Hey guyz, finally got around to being able to get some new wheels so am going for 19x8.5 ET45 size on my 06 A3 S-Line. Im planning on dropping on 35mm H&R springs ( cant afford coilys at the mo ). Will i get any rubbing issues if i use 235/35/19? Does anyone run this size? any help much...
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    ESP light on... only had car for 3 days. Any vag-com around milton keynes?

    Hi guys, Ive just noticed that the ESP is coming on and was wondering if anyone has a vag com in the milton keynes area? (Audi A3 06 tDi S-Line) any help would be much appreciated :) Ive did alot of diggin in the forums and it seems the problem could be related to a number of things.. from...