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    B8 3G MMI+ Bluetooth streaming

    Hi, I've got a 2011 a4 fitted with the 3G MMI+ system. I know there's the tune2air adaptor but is there an option where I can control my Spotify on the MMI?
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    Coding request

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to enable drive select on my a4 b8. I'm in Doncaster but don't mind travelling too far. Thanks Gareth
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    Hi, seem like your the go to company for my remap. Can I have a quote for a remap on my 2011 a4 3.0tdi quattro stronic please? Cheers.
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    Stronic issues

    Hi, I've a 2011 a4 3.0tdi quattro fitted with the S tronic gearbox and covered 100k. I've been having some issues lately, which most of the time I can drive around the problem. The problem is intermittent and only when first started and cold. When starting and putting the car into drive, I get...